Capture the Color

I was recommended to participate in a contest called “Capture the Color”, sponsored by TravelSupermarket – click (here) to see rules for the competition.

All you have to do is publish a post with photos that capture the following 5 colors – Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red. You then nominate five other bloggers that you admire or enjoy to enter a post following the same criteria of the contest. Lastly, you enter your post at “Capture the Color and there actually is a prize for the winner in each color category. I don’t often enter contests of any sort as I enjoy looking at other’s amazing photos rather than participating.  I also don’t play the lottery.  However, I found the challenge fun in that I was able to go back over my own photos and find some of my favorites that might “capture” the colors listed.


My first two pictures were taken on my trip to Curacao.  This was an amazingly beautiful trip as it was my first time traveling to Caribbean Islands.  I was mesmerized by the blue

Curacao Ocean View

ocean in the daylight as well as during the night.  The tropical sights, sounds and smells were

Curacao Ocean View at Night

alluring and I would have loved to stay here for a lot longer than a long weekend.

Cambodia boat cruise night time

Cambodia on a night cruise was also quite amazing.  I was with a few friends I had met that day from other parts of the world. We drank Cambodian beer and listened to a mixture of American, Cambodian and Vietnamese music.  Delicious food was provided.  It was a night to remember.


My favorite green shots came from Korea where I taught English for about 3 years.  I love these shots because they remind me of my favorite parts of Korea.  The children, the food

English Stories in Korea

and the rain.  The children were beautiful.  Always smiling and laughing.  It was inspiring how something as simple as presenting their English skills in front of an English speaker always made them laugh and feel happy.

Eating Korean food was possibly my best food experience out of all of the places I have ever lived.  It was healthy and fresh.  You didn’t have a lot of space in your house so you had to shop more often than in the U.S.  I will never forget the smell of Korea or of it’s food.

Fruit and Veggie shopping in Korea

Some of my favorite days in Korea involved sitting inside on rainy days and listening to music, watching t.v. or just vegging out.  When it rained it was torrential.  It was exciting.  It was an interesting place for food, people and weather.  My time in Korea will not ever be forgotten.

Rain on the Window in Korea


Thailand was a vibrant and colorful place full of golden statutes of buddhist praying.

Praying Statutes in Thailand

I enjoyed the sights and the sounds.  It was an adventure in tastes as well.  My daughters traveled with me as well as a British friend and my sister.  Definitely a trip we will never forget.

Cambodia was simliar to Thailand in that it had many amazing sights, sounds and tastes.  I think my favorite thing about Cambodia revolved around the constant motion.  Whether you were

Street Traffic in Siem Rieb

sitting on a street corner drinking coffee or walking down a street, there were always bikes, tuk tuks and other forms of motion and sound that left you spell-bound.

I took a cooking class in Cambodia and could have probably represented all the colors of a rainbow in each dish we prepared.  There was motion in every dish as well.  Pounding, chopping, mushing, blending.

Cambodian Cooking Class

There were sweet and spicy with hot and cold all blended together to create amazing taste sensations that I am anxious to get back to that end of the world to re-experience.


Where does one start with red?  A vibrant color that represents the blood of life, a hundred different intense emotions like pain and passion, sunsets and sunrises and a multitude of other things.  I chose to highlight the softer side of red.

This first picture is one of my favorites as it was taken on a visit to a strawberry farm in the hills of Colonial Tovar in Venezuela.

Rasberries in Colonial Tovar Venezuela

It was an unexpected treat so different from the city of Caracas.  It was a tour I took with a group of friends that I work with in Caracas.  A very enjoyable trip up the mountain in an RTV.  Such a beautiful country.

My 2nd and 3rd photo were both taken while I took a 6 week hike through Cambodia alone.  As busy and frantic as so many parts of Cambodia were there were moments of

Monks Walking in Cambodia

solitude and meditation.  It was the first trip I had ever been on where I started and ended the trip alone.

The temples, the fields, the people were stark contrasts to each other as well as to anything I had ever experienced before.

There was street food to be tried, moto scooters stacked down with all types of products from pigs, hay and bananas to a family of 8.  I was thrown into a different world and it was amazing.

Flowers blooming in the City in Cambodia


Interestingly, I chose the very colorful Cambodia to represent my first two photos.  The first was from an inspiring and vibrant street corner that did not stop moving and changing

Street in Cambodia

colors.  There were street venders, policemen, children, beggars in constant motion on this corner.  I never knew where to look or what I was smelling at any given moment.  Possibly that is why I turned it into a black and white.  Possibly just to calm it down, even for a minute.

My second photo was turned into a black and white for similar reasons.  It was a outdoor food market that smelled of raw meat, fresh vegetables, busy people and abandoned dogs.

Shopping for eggs and chicken in Cambodia

There was not a moment of silence or a void that wasn’t filled with motion or distinctive smells.  It was so opposite of anything we have in the U.S.  Thrilling in part, disgusting in part and always for every second interesting.

My last white photo was taken during my visit to a coastal town inKorea.  It was taken over 4 years ago and I honestly can’t remember the name.  There was a Korean traditional

Korean Traditional Festival

festival going on and it was also full of noise, music, strange foods which was all conducted in a language I did not understand which possibly made it more beautiful and interesting than if I had understood it.

I will now present my nominations. I chose these particular sites as they were some of the first sites I started following based on their interesting travel stories or great photography.

1. The ThirdEyeWorld

2. Kevins Blog and Photo Journal

3. Everywhere Once

4. The Kay Days

5. Rileys Random Review

So there you have it. Take a look at the site and submit your own photos and share the post with:

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