So thanks to Chris’s (Rileys Random Review) constant repetition regarding his addiction to the Reader, I too have become obsessed with finding blogs I am interested in.  I happened upon a blog entitled “Where’s my Backpack”  by Ailsa which has some amazing pictures and blogs that are inspiring.  The latest thing I read on her blog is about a weekly photo challenge.  I’m not sure if she started it but it’s an interesting way to inspire or write about things you might not have written about or even thought about before.  It’s also a fun way to revisit some photos you have taken over time.

Apparently she did not have a photo challenge this week but randomly took some pictures that inspired her to create a random photo challenge called reflections and her photo inspired me to participate.  It’s interesting, I’ve always had a bit of a passion for reflection photos.  There is something interesting to me about catching a picture of something and realizing later that there is something else in the picture not previously noticed.  It’s also sort of fun trying to catch people off-guard, just being themselves because they do not know there is a picture being taken of them.  Also, even when someone knows a picture is being taken, sometimes the reflection of the person ends up being more interesting than the actual person.   I’ve included a few of my favorite reflection pictures.  Enjoy.

New York Cafe. Reflections of people walking by from a glass of wine.

Visiting family in Wyoming on the way to dinner. Dad driving.

Madden and Jemma’s reflection through a giant fishtank in Seattle.

1983 – First reflection of me.

Her rules are simple:

As there was no official weekly photo challenge this week, Ailsa at Where’s my backpack? has posted a challenge and would love you all to join in. See here::

3 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Hi rfl, very glad you found my blog, and joined in the Reflections challenge – love the reflection of you, and the glass of wine shot is fab. The reflections challenge was the very first photo challenge I ever set, but I’ve been posting them weekly ever since. My latest one is Leading Lines – would love you to join in if you’re interested. Here’s the link:

    • Great I’ve started a new blog for it. I love your lines. I’m not sure how it happened but I’m in like 3 or 4 weekly photo challenges and it’s fun.. turning into a bit of an obsession. I just finished one weekly challenge called “growth” they really are a great way to revisit or look at something differently. Thanks for sharing.

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