Travel Theme: Leading Lines

It was difficult for me to find the perfect photo for this weeks travel theme. Not because I couldn’t find a photo to use, but because there were too many lines to choose from.

We are surrounded by lines from the moment we are born to the moment we die.  There are lines we follow, lines we wait in, lines we create.  Many natural lines are not straight and barely look like lines but you know they are.  There are the lines we cross and the lines we should NEVER cross.  Then finally, there’s the end of the line.  Here’s my interpretation of this weeks travel theme.  Enjoy

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8 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Leading Lines

    • Thanks for stopping by. Black and white are my favorites as they seem to give a photo a timelessness. I’d like to take a photography class and learn some different techniques. On the other hand it’s fun just click and shooting.

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