Weekly Photo Challenge – Wrong – So, So Wrong

 It’s plump, juicy, three inches thick. Look at this sorry, miserable, squashed thing. Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with this picture?  – Memorable quotes from “Falling Down”(1993) 

On this weeks daily post “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong” I was going to be a little philosophical and try to do a sensitive photo challenge, dealing with poverty, abuse, pollution or some such thing that would inspire or motivate other’s into action.  However, after reading several of the blogs from this theme it seemed obvious that idea was sort of taken.. other just plain wrong photos popped up that got me to laughing.  Also got me to thinking about my time in Korea where even though so many things were not necessarily wrong.. some were just not quite right.  Enjoy.

Korean baseball game.. garbage bag on head while eating top ramen with chopsticks.. not quite right.

Korean subway, met Elvis’s doppleganger.. though not wrong.. didn’t feel right..

Obviously there was something very unsettling with the small, Korean bananas in my daughter’s left hand. Now I knew there was nothing wrong. but even to me it did not seem right.

Now.. I’m not sure what type of place this was.. hair replacement, wigs, hair styles.. but you can definitely tell there was something just plain wrong going on here.

Yup.. just wrong

More just plain wrong.. can’t be a hair style..

67 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Wrong – So, So Wrong

    • The sporting events were the best in Korea.. it was such an amazing and unique experience living there.. the Wave would go no less than 5 times around the entire stadium.. chopsticks eating soup.. no where else in the world.. and such enthusiasm. In Ecuador at a soccer game they were throwing firecrackers on the field..

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    • Thank you for stopping by..I actually have laughed my (clever @ss) off as well. Especially the one of my daughter.. she gets so mad when I show that one… but it’s still so funny to me. I’ve loved visiting so many of these blogs.. really are fun to read..

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    • I love the banana shot.. my daughter is finally getting used to my love of the banana shot.. I told her that I was going to create a blog especially for her involving all of her faces… the banana shot would go in that one as well.. thanks for loving it.. haha..

  5. hey, I loved this post. I especially loved the banana shot. Those small ones though are actually pretty good lol. They’re very sweet. We have them here in the Caribbean and I love them. But yes, they do seem like some kind of midget banana!

    • Thanks for stopping by.. it’s really my favorite picture.. It was the first week in Korea and neither of us had seen bananas that small before. We grew to really love them.

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  7. I like these a lot – great minds here have the same take on stuff – also even if you did not post this time on abuse etc that is one I get worked up about too. Thanks for following my blog, I am now off to explore more form you.

  8. Too funny! Living in China and being from the west we also look at somethings and do a double take. You just can’t make this stuff up! I always carry a camera now ’cause you never know what you may see.
    Thanks for the visit over at CTB awhile back (just catching up).

        • Awesome. Where? I love Korea and look forward to going back at some point. (AND I already know the answer to that question..for Korea so bring your camera) bathrooms can especially be enlightening. Enjoy.

            • So funny.. I did the opposite when I lived in Korea I went to Shanghai for Chinese New Year with my daughter. Awesome.. 5 days is hardly enough but what is.. 3 years for me was not enough.. Want to go back some time. Enjoy it.

            • It is not long enough… But only 1 week break from work and reports are due right after. At least we got away.
              Shanghai for new year…. How crazy was that with all the firecrackers? We have done 1 and it was so loud… My ears rang for days.

            • Yes travelling is expensive and we have the mind set… “when can we do this again?” and then pay the extra. Oh well the memories are worth it!
              Shanghai food can be expensive if you go Western, but we sometimes do the discount nights (2 for one). Hotels -probably expensive. I found the metro and eating out to be more money in Seoul.
              Where are you now? Still working overseas?

            • It’s true. When you know a place you know where to go, what to do. I am still working in Venezuela until December. Currently I am on a three day break in Panama and will have the opportunity to visit another part of Venezuela and then Costa Rica for a short three day break before I head back to the states to prepare for my next job…. In Nepal. I am not sure if you caught the pause, the anticipated breath.. But yeah.. Very excited.

            • Wow that is exciting! How is South America? Debating on what to do next or where to go… could leave this June or next. This school is OK, but so busy I don’t have a life or chance to enjoy things around me, which is a big reason for working overseas isn’t it? Even holidays I work to try and get caught up. This holiday I worked late and extra to afford a few days away.
              Enjoy your break! Sounds exciting… I am jealous.

            • South America is great.. But I really miss Asia. I initially was going to teach in China, but was convinced to go to Korea and teach. Best decision ever. Started in public school, moved to after school program and finally to a university.. Hours were great and so was vacation. I would still be there if this job had not come along. At university you can receive 10-20 weeks a year vacation.. I had 20. You also only work between 11-30 hours a week. I physically taught 13 hours and thin had about 5 hours of prep and student advisement time… Loved it

            • Wow that is awesome. We are required to be at school 8.5 hours a day, but I am generally there 10 or more. Busier at marking, report, concert times… then I also do some on weekends. It is a shame since I have been here 3 years and only know my neighbourhood. I have gotten around the city, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. Maybe I should look into Korea next 😉

            • It was awesome. Even in the after school program I only worked about 5 hours a day. While there I went hiking every Saturday to many of the mountains..travelled to Thailand and china with my daughters and then at university hiked 6 weeks through Cambodia. I think you should. The community was awesome, tons of time to visit all parts of Korea as well as the countries around it.. If you can get into a uni it’s even better!

            • Was it an international school or just regular school teaching English? Sounds great… right now I like my job, but it is so draining. I work hard and want to do things well, but at this pace going on 3 years it is wearing me down. Next question what was the pay like and did they help you with setting up banking and get you accomidation? That is the one headache the school does for us here. It can be hard on your own setting this up. Also it just makes things easier! I think I am going to start looking into it! How about South America same hours?

            • In south America I am not teaching, completely different career. I honestly do not know how it would be here. In Korea I worked with a recruiter who had taught English for a long time there and began recruiting and is now based out of Chicago. The great thing was he organized everything and the first school ended up not being a great fit for me, he helped me move to the after school program. Korea pays more than china (so I’m told) sets up housing and pays for it and typically the work hours are less. I could hunt down my recruiters name if you’d like. He doesn’t chargeable fee but probably gets paid through the schools.

            • Thanks so much for the offer! I could leave this June, but should finish my contract (if I want my bonus) at this point I am not sure if the money is worth it though! If you could find their name that would be great… I will look into it for sure. With your glowing reviews it sounds great!

            • I will send you the info but will have to wait untill I get home unless I can find the old emails through the biz center computers. Mynipad just doesn’t seem to have my old emails.

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