Public Sleeping

Washington D.C.

Myself, I’m a night-time sleeper.  I have had jobs where I had to sleep during the day and work at night and they were the most miserable times of my life.  Life at night is surreal to me and I can never understand what is happening or where I am.  I’m disjointed and cranky without a good night’s sleep.  I want to be awake when it’s light out and asleep when it’s dark.  Plain and simple.  The only time I sleep in the day is if I am sick or if I have had to work a night shift.  For me the nights are my opportunity to disengage from my day-time routine.  I go to sleep, sleep hard and wake up refreshed and ready to do it all again.

I have heard somewhere that the average person spends about 25% of their life sleeping. Some prefer to sleep in the daytime and some prefer the night.  Some need a bed with absolute darkness and no sound.  Others like to have a tv or radio on for background noise.  The following photos will show that some really just don’t care when, where or how they sleep. Enjoy.

No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.
~ Carrie Snow

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“People say, ‘I’m going to sleep now,’ as if it were nothing. But it’s really a bizarre activity. ‘For the next several hours, while the sun is gone, I’m going to become unconscious, temporarily losing command over everything I know and understand. When the sun returns, I will resume my life.’
― George CarlinBrain Droppings

7 thoughts on “Public Sleeping

    • I know, it is.. I truly am a night-time person so it doesn’t seem as bizarre.. (at night) so when I see people sleeping in the day I always feel a little awkward.. like how can they just do that.. I know i have as well at times… but I’m more of a private sleeper I guess.. very interesting… and George got a lot of things right don’t ya think?

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