Turn about – Photographer’s Pictures

While I was perusing the blogosphere I came across an interesting photo blog that appeared to highlight people taking pictures of themselves or other photographers.  I realized that I actually had a similar interest.  So I responded to his blog, “Great idea..one of my favorite things to do.” To which he responded, “Thank you for leaving a message! Did you publish your ‘photographers’ pictures?” Well, this started me hunting through all of my photos and I found a few photo photes I had.  It’s my goal to gather more because it’s a very interesting hobby and somewhat addictive.  The stances and positions people put themselves in to get the perfect shot.  Click on The Chives link at the end of this, it is hysterical.  So here’s to Chris Breehaart, thanks for the idea and Yeah!!! Maybe we can get a theme started….

There are always two people in every picture:  the photographer and the viewer.  ~Ansel Adams

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11 thoughts on “Turn about – Photographer’s Pictures

      • Well, they are funny and quirky! I must look like a baffoon as well as i hide behind my camera folding myself to get a pserpective. My wife laughs sometimes, that is why I know I must look funny some times 🙂
        Thank you for posting your photogrpaphers pics! I was put on this theme by a Swiss galery owner. A friend introduced me to him in St Antonin de Noble Val and he looked at some of my prints. One of them was about a wedding there the year before. With a photographer. He just said: “that is interesting!’. That is how it started for me though I already had quite a few ot them already by then. I got aware of them then.

        • It is pretty awesome.. and I love the funny poses.. I try not to think of how I look or i might never take pictures.. and how I look is usually why I”m behind the camera..jeje.. awesome how things start sometimes… and funny we don’t always realize a blooming obsession until it’s well into a flower.

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