Sunday Post – Black & White

Quotes about the color whiteQuotes about the color black

“Without black, no color has any depth. But if you mix black with everything, suddenly there’s shadow – no, not just shadow, but fullness. You’ve got to be willing to mix black into your palette if you want to create something that’s real.”–Amy Grant

“The first of all single colors is white … We shall set down white for the representative of light, without which no color can be seen; yellow for the earth; green for water; blue for air; red for fire; and black for total darkness.” –Leonardo Da Vinci

This week the theme at Jake Sprinter’s SUNDAY POST is Black & White.  Black and whites are one of my favorite types of photos to work with.  As usual I have too many to choose from, but as I was looking through my pictures to find a few I decided to focus on my pictures from Korea and specifically pictures from some of my hikes.  I lived in Korea for 3 years and hiked with a variety of people nearly every Saturday.  Through summer, winter, fall and spring I hiked.  We completed amazing mountain hikes and sometimes city walking tour “hikes”.

After every hike the group would go eat some amazing Korean food.  Some of my very favorite memories from Korea are from these hikes and the meals we would eat after the hike.  I became a bit obsessed with my black and whites and I think the reason for this was because Korea was such a noisy, chaotic, colorful country that by turning these bits of Korea into black and whites I had found a way to mute the country a bit.

Ironically through these black and white photos I kept seeing bits and pieces of several of my last blogs as well.

Past with Present: It was a present day merge of older traditional people re-enacting an historical time in Korea with the new and young.  The black and white to me made it appear even older than what they were portraying.

Turn About:  A photo of people taking photos at an traditional festival.

Shadows: What I love about black and whites is that they seem to create shadows without any intent.  You can take an ordinary picture and after you enlarge it you notice how the shadows just throw themselves at you.  As if with the color gone they come out to celebrate.  Black and white completely changes the dynamics, location, place and time of a picture.  I think that’s what I love about old photos.  You can never really say when they were taken.  They are ageless and timeless.

I love urban settings for black and whites, but felt compelled to use my Korean shots as Korea is definitely not a black and white country, it is full of color and richness.  Also these pictures were my first attempts at working with black and whites.  Enjoy.

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Black & White in the Arts                                                                                                             Book –  When my daughters started out their lives I read to them.  As they grew I read with them.  One of my favorite books that my daughter Miranda was assigned to read was a book by Lois Lowry, “The Giver”.  I don’t want to give the story away, so I will just say that the story is a futuristic journey into a society where choice does not exist. It’s a society where color has been removed and there is only black and white.  The protagonist, Jonas, is an 12 year old boy who

has been given the tasking of being the receiver of memories.  As he is exposed to experiences and memories he realizes how NOT black and white the world is.  An amazing story with an emotional ending and a great representation of what it could mean for a world to exist only in black and white.

Movie – Now lastly just for fun and a completely different take on black and white, one of my favorite musicals “Hair” and its own personal take on black and white.  Remember it’s a musical from the 70’s  Enjoy.

22 thoughts on “Sunday Post – Black & White

  1. Korea looks a fascinating country and your photos do look very dramatic in black and white, so great choice. I love going out into the Algarve countryside with our walking group. They too always end in food- sometimes too much! Come to think of it, I like going out walking- full stop!
    Didn’t watch the Hair video (hate to admit it but I remember the stage show from first time around) but the book recommendation sounds interesting.
    And, finally, many thanks for the Pingback. I always mean to do them too but am impatient to get onto the next thing.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I was in Korea for 3 years and LOVED it.. and yes.. the walking group did always end in some sort of delicious food fest. The “Hair”musical is much different than the “hair” movie.. although it is still mostly the music.. so if you didn’t like the play don’t see the movie.. the book is OUTSTANDING.. very awesome..

  2. Some very striking photos and I enjoyed your dialogue; “…by turning these bits of Korea into black and whites I had found a way to mute the country a bit” – as soon as I read that, I felt it as I viewed your photos. You nailed it for me when you said, “Black and white completely changes the dynamics, location, place and time of a picture.” And as for Da Vinci’s quotoe – I wish I had read that before I did my 5 colours post … 🙂

    • I LOVE black and whites as I might have mentioned a few dozen times and I’ve been really enjoying looking at so many diff styles.. it has been a cool theme to review. Thanks for stopping by. By the way.. your black and white AND 5 colors were stunning.. what type of camera are you using?

      • I’m using a very humble, non-techie, point and shoot Sony Cybershot that is 8 years old. I’d like to move on up to a 12 megapixels but I don’t want to give this one up – it has been very trust worthy. Thank you for your comments on the posts. 🙂

        • I’m using sony cybershot as well.. I had one for a couple years then gave it to my daughter and upgraded it. My most recent one is a sony cybershot as well because my 2nd one had gotten sand in it and now the window doesn’t open all the way.. funny.. well.. I guess great minds think alike. Though your pictures are better.. jeje. I haven’t actually opened my recent one.. but it’s an 18.2 pixel and a 16-32 zoom..

    • My 2nd cam was 10.2 pix and 10 optical zoom and you can see from the posts it’s pretty good.. I’m going on a trip pretty soon.. and I need to open the new one and practice with it a few times.. I’m not sure why but I feel nervous.. ha..

        • Well, I’m glad you asked.. I am in Venezuela 4 more months so I will be going to Angel Falls, Catatumba in Merida and Barinas for white water rafting.. and then.. drum roll please.. Costa Rica.. so yeah.. then I’m done.. I leave in in December and off to my next adventure. Super excited.

            • Well.. I am a bit obsessed.. with this new blogging thing.. but for these trips it would be impossible to carry a laptop.. I take tons of photos so I’ll have a lot of new things to present.. at least I hope so.. I’ve actually been looking over a lot of the old challenges and I’ve found some fun ones I’m going to try.. movement.. should happen on my rafting trip.. unfocused.. got tons of those. I appreciate you stopping by and it’s fun to co-hart some blogging Very motivational for me.

  3. I love the way black and white does bring out the atmosphere of a place, you can concentrate on the interaction in the scene that colour over powers. That Korean meal looks yummy. Do you like Kim-chi?

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