Travel Theme: Silhouette

Ailsa from Where’s My Backpack chose a most interesting theme this week.  At first I thought it would be easy because I have tons of pictures of silhouette’s.  As I scrounged through all of my photos two things dawned on me:  1.  I did not have a ton of pictures of silhouette’s but rather I had tons of pictures of shadows.. and 2.  Silhouettes were extremely different than shadows.

After more searching I found a couple more that I think are true silhouettes.


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12 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Silhouette

    • I think the main one on my profile might be my only true one.. i was actually surprised.. but it gives me some ideas about future picture taking.. love inspiration.

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  2. Lovely shots, rfl, those birds are my favourite. I love your writing about the difference between silhouttes and shadows, because they are linked in many people’s minds as being the same thing when in fact they are very different. xxx

    • I know!! I really thought I had tons of pictures of silhouttes.. but they were only shadows. I think I might have only caught it because I had just done a post on shadows. Ha.. thanks for pushing the creative mind once again with a great theme.

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