SUNDAY POST: From a Distance


 Luis Miguel

 I maintain my sanity by keeping my distance. 

Jake Sprinter’s SUNDAY POST this week is From a Distance.  Jake says “There will be very little detail visible in the shot, as it is meant to give a general impression rather than specific information.”  

This is very different from so many of my photos because lately I’ve been really enjoying to get up and personal with each picture.  I am profiling a couple of shots that really fit into this category.  These shots from a distance were taken while on one of my many hikes in Korea.  You would hike through crowds and climb for hours through beautiful nature to get to the top of an isolated mountain.  You would stand at the edge and look off into the distance and see a city comprised of millions of people.  It was so far away that it never seemed real.  The first small town I taught in while in Korea was a “very small town of only 1 million people.”

The next 3 shots involve distance from the ground.  The first one was while I was parapente (paragliding) and the 2nd two are from paracaidismo (parachuting).

My final photos actually fell into a different type of distance.  It’s the distance we keep from others we are observing.  Some of the pictures relate to physical distance while others, in my opinion, speak more to the emotional distance we maintain from each other either through fear, respect, or simply the discomfort of just getting closer to something we are unfamiliar or unaccustomed to being near.  Enjoy.

SUNDAY POST: From a Distance – Lost in translation – was by far my absolute favorite.  Amazing photo.

sunday post: From a distance – ( – another favorite for adding music to the mix.

16 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: From a Distance

    • Ha.. thanks.. seriously though.. I liked parachuting more than gliding. It wasn’t scary. I really thought I would be terrified and when I wasn’t I thought maybe I was crazy. .. ha.. but the other lady with me said the same thing. It was freeing. I would do it again and recommend it to everyone. Thanks for dropping in — pardon the pun

    • I think the challenges are my favorite thing to work with because they really make me stretch.. I’m going to have to get out now and try to fit some picture taking into some new challenges I have heard about.

  1. Interesting set of shots. Small town indeed – just proves everything is relative. Particularly like the parachuting shots (I used to want to do that … now I’m not so sure – who knows, maybe I’ll take it on as a parachuting Nana. I also particularly liked the second one in the series of people – the emotional distance. Good job.

    • Thanks for stopping by. It’s been fun working on these posts. I especially love working in the themes as it’s more of a challenge. P.S. I AM a parachuting Nana.. jeje.

    • This was a fun one for me to put together.. I would love to go skydiving again and be more there.. the first is always the craziest.. I would bring my new shockproof camera.. though I doubt if I would remember to use it.. thanks for commenting

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