Dad’s Co-pilot – Truck driver 41 years found and carried this character with him for over 20 years.

The unfocused photo challenge was presented back in May by the Daily Press.  I think that reviewing old posts has just recently become my new favorite hobby.  I sort of feel sad I missed out on some of the earlier rounds of challenges, they are pretty cool.

I think I love this challenge most of all because it reminds me of gutter pool. You know the kind of pool really good pool players will play with you when they know that you can’t actually play but they sort of want you to participate.. maybe just to mock you or maybe because they just like you.  Here are my favorite unfocused shots.  Most were unintentional, but some were actually planned.. well not the unfocused part but the clear part in the unfocused photo. Those pictures are my favorite as they seem to show action. I hope you enjoy.

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