Cambodia – a land lost

A picture can speak a thousand words, so I’m going to keep my description here very short.  In 2009 I had the opportunity to hike through Cambodia for 6 weeks.  It was an amazing experience.  The beauty and intricate details in so many of the structures have left a lasting impression and I hope to one day return for another visit.

Angkor Wat, is a place unrivaled in its beauty and state of timelessness. There were times I felt like I was in a lost land with decaying buildings surrounded by untamed jungles.  Trees growing through and around the largest structures I have ever witnessed.  Moss on stone and a haunting silence occasionally disrupted by some wild bird passing over or jumping from limb to limb in the massive trees.  You cannot imagine how small you can feel among structures so massive.  It’s impossible to even imagine how these stone blocks were brought here.

At other times I felt completely encompassed by people and sound and had a disoriented sense that there would be no escape from the hoards of people toting cameras, yelling orders at their children or their guides and riding in tuk-tuks dashing madly through the natural beauty to randomly snap shots that were intrusive to the local people as well as being disruptive to the surroundings.

Cambodia was a country of huge contradictions in regards to both the land and the people.  Amidst the beauty there was poverty and amidst the poverty there were amazing people with amazing smiles and warm hearts.  My feelings about Cambodia while I was there are incredibly hard to explain.  For this reason I will sum up a bit of these emotions through photos that I hope will represent some of my most outstanding impressions of Cambodia.  Enjoy.

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11 thoughts on “Cambodia – a land lost

  1. These are awesome photos! I especially like the first one, when the subject (is that you?) is nose to nose with the statue. I love your impressions and the way you integrate your words with visuals. Really nice post.

    • You should.. though i was told in 2009 when I went there that I should have gone about 2-4 years earlier and the new best place to go is Laos.. so just something to think about.

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