Travel theme: Curves

Real Women Have Curves  © By Anonymous

Real women have curves, wrinkles, and flaws.
Each one earned with experience, perseverance and determination.
There’s no computer to airbrush your mistakes.
Let them make you who you are.
Love every mark, every scar, every extra curve you wished to go away,
Accept what you can’t learn to love,
Then let go of what you can’t accept.
Treasure them for their memories
Like a worn love letter or ratty old quilt from generations of old.
Each wrinkle comes with the wisdom only years of life can give.
And life is not to be hidden or covered up.
For life is how a girl grows into a woman
And real women have curves.

This weeks travel theme from “Where’s My Backpack” is all about the curve.  I decided to move away from all nature or outside my home for travel photos that match the theme but rather gather some new photos from inside my home that reflect some of my travels as well as some very ordinary household items.

My first photo above (the only one that is not new) I love because it goes with one of my favorite poems and was an outside photo on the beach and in my opinion does a very good job of reflecting Venezuelan women.

The remaining photos are all new and I think they reflect curves, though some seem to reflect circles more than curves.  I hope you enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are you ready to show off your curves? If you would like to join in this week’s travel theme, create your own post titled Travel Theme: Curves and put a link to this page in your post so others can find it. Check back in next Friday for a new weekly travel theme.

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