Body Parts


“A human being is part of a whole, called by us the Universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.”   Albert Einstein quotes

My hands                               When you look at this hand here is what you see.. Long thin fingers, short nails, thick veins and knobby knuckles..What you don’t see is.. all of the tears they have wiped away, the little hands they have held and led, the words they have written, the injuries they have sustained, the kids who loved to trace the veins, the way they look nearly exactly like my mother’s hands.

My arms      

When you look at these arms here is what you see.. slightly thin and tan, bony elbows, lack of muscle mass.What you don’t see is.. the children and friends they have hugged, the weight I have lifted in a variety of situations, the way they swing when I walk or run, the babies they have comforted and rocked to sleep at night, the counter-balance role they have played in deflecting specific problems or the people they have pushed away.

My feet

When you look at these feet here is what you see.. long unpainted toes, veiny like my hands and leading up to very skinny, weak ankles..What you don’t see is.. the miles they have walked, the burdens they have bore, the stubs, the fractures and cuts and tears they have endured, the balance and often lack of balance they have contributed to supporting all of my endeavors and the shocks they have experienced.

My legs

When you look at these legs, here is what you see.. skinny legs and boney knees, tan, appearance of being weak. What you don’t see is the weight they have carried, the miles they have run, the hills they have climbed, they have helped me walk away from my problems and escape from some enemies.  They have surpassed my imagination in the strength and stamina they have provided in the hundreds of moves I have made in my life.

My mouth

When you look at my mouth here is what you see.. thin lips, pale tongue, natural and uneven teeth with high gums.

What you don’t see is.. The words that they have uttered in happiness, sadness or anger, the variety of foods they have eaten, the soft kisses they have placed on my children’s warm heads, the millions of reasons for the millions of smiles and laughs they have had.

My eyes

When you look at my eyes, here is what you see.. eyes that are a bit beady, wrinkles, thin eyelashes, surprise, anger, frustration, laughter and a variety of emotions that they have never been able to hide.

What you don’t see is.. everything they have seen.  The cities and countries around the globe. The joy and pain of watching my children grow, my mother die, the tears of sadness and tears of laughter that have resulted from all of my life events.  The way I look at the world and how my view points have been formed.

“The things we hate about ourselves aren’t more real than things we like about ourselves.”

– Ellen Goodman

The next step is putting all the parts together.


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