Random Fav Photes

“ You don’t take a photograph, you make it. –Ansel Adams

I used to just snap and shoot and then print or upload all of the photos I took.  I loved pictures and thought they were all amazing.  One day I somehow got involved with a random group that did random things and this one random lady was arranging herself in some of the most random positions.  She had a camera so I got it that she was taking random photos of apparent random things.

I stared at her so long she must have sensed me there.  At any rate we began a conversation about what she was doing and she enlightened me on her photo taking hobby and how her goal was to take a very normal object and make it into something incredible, beautiful, abnormal and on and on.  She would do this one day a month.  She would pick one thing or one way of doing something and just keep doing it with that same object over and over to achieve 30-40 shots of whatever.  Very interesting thought I.

At the moment I was watching her she was actually photographing a street light.  She had come the night before and taken about 20 night time shots of this one lamp and at this moment she was on her 30th daytime shot.  She had every angle of this lamp on her camera and I was shocked at how different it looked in each picture.

Previously, one of her favorite photos shoots had been in a park and for about 3 hours all she did was set the timer on her camera for 5 or 10 seconds and toss it into the air and obtained some crazy random shots.   She actually played catch with her camera with a kid and they would take turns tossing it back and forth while it multi-burst or time shot things.  She had been doing these things for over 10 years, only for her own pleasure.  This was before blogs were so big and she did not have a social network.  It was just for her own amusement.

This entire concept intrigued me and since that time I have taken some very random shots.  Some that no one but me appreciate.  I have been asked to take down some of my random shots as people do not always feel like I’ve captured their “best”side.  I do love the random candid shots and for this, though I have hundreds, I have included some of my favorites.  Enjoy.

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