Addictions – Behind the glass

Speaking of obsessions.. you didn’t realize we were?  Well, we were.  You have hoarders, travel junkies, wine and beer aficionados, smokers.. and on the list goes. I have always prided myself in not having any addictions.  I’m the most normal person I know.  Right? Do you sense where this is going?

Well, let me start by saying, I just created a post regarding some of my fav photes and spoke of a woman who for 10 years has been taking random pictures of random things just for fun.  I have another friend who for some reason loves to photograph herself with only her eyes showing.  Tons of photos of her face from her eyes up.  It’s cool, fantastic and a little strange. The newest craze in photo-taking seems to be of oneself in front of a mirror with the camera showing you taking a picture of yourself.  I’m just glad I don’t have a random photo taking frenzy that consumes my life.. or do I?

Upon a recent review of a multitude of photo albums that I have put together I have come across a disturbing trend, an obsession I did not know I had.. or even upon knowing did not think it was that much of an addiction.  Here are just a few of the behind the glass photos I have taken over the past year.  They say the first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one.  Enjoy and do not mock me.

10 thoughts on “Addictions – Behind the glass

  1. Fantastic collage of images. It is always compelling to see a series of shots that are not related in a timeline in any way but are still connected through the subject. Very interesting and fun shots. Nice work.

    • It was actually fun re-visiting them.. I’m now looking for another obsession I didn’t now I had… and I have a few.. it’s funny what looking back can do.. right? Thanks for commenting

  2. Love them. There is something sensual about a glass. If I had an obsession (this is not a confession) it probably would have been buying glassware. 😀 Your obsession is much cheaper – unless of course you bought all those drinks and didn’t get to take the glass home.

    • You got me.. haha.. actually some of them were from my wine tour of chile with a very good friend.. and yes… i not only bought the glass but about 16 bottles which I had to transport back to Venezuela.. many of the others were from a wine club I started and I guess I bought the bottles there too.. maybe my addiction is not the glass.. ha…

  3. A lot of us or a few of us or perhaps just one of us sip a bit of wine in a plain old kitchen glass in a plain old living room chair.
    The next time I sip I am going to look at your behind the glass photos and pretend I am in some exotic place with all the beautiful people. 🙂

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