Day 1–iPad photos from Cuzco

This has been a challenge. I just wanted to see how non-edited photos from the iPad camera would fly. I do have editing capabilities here but no time and the uploading is not working except for a tedious one by one.. So this may or may not work out. We shall see. Wish me luck.

In the end it worked out.  However, with the drafting, editing and uploading so difficult and the bulky nature of the ipad itself.. it will probably stay in the room for the rest of my time here.  Thanks for stopping by.

20120915-062401.jpg 20120915-062440.jpg 20120915-062455.jpg 20120915-062506.jpg 20120915-062519.jpg 20120915-062538.jpg 20120915-062411.jpg 20120915-062550.jpg 20120915-062610.jpg 20120915-062559.jpg 20120915-062622.jpg 20120915-062637.jpg 20120915-062650.jpg 20120915-062721.jpg 20120915-062729.jpg 20120915-062745.jpg 20120915-062755.jpg 20120915-062842.jpg 20120915-062850.jpg 20120915-062906.jpg 20120915-062920.jpg 20120915-062928.jpg 20120915-062940.jpg 20120915-062950.jpg 20120915-063001.jpg 20120915-063032.jpg 20120915-063018.jpg 20120915-063040.jpg 20120915-063051.jpg 20120915-063115.jpg 20120915-063125.jpg 20120915-063133.jpg 20120915-063155.jpg 20120915-063146.jpg 20120915-063233.jpg 20120915-063210.jpg 20120915-063224.jpg 20120915-063239.jpg 20120915-063247.jpg 20120915-063255.jpg 20120915-063316.jpg 20120915-063309.jpg 20120915-063301.jpg 20120915-063323.jpg 20120915-063338.jpg 20120915-063330.jpg 20120915-063348.jpg 20120915-063359.jpg 20120915-063404.jpg 20120915-063410.jpg 20120915-062820.jpg 20120915-063103.jpg 20120915-062710.jpg 20120915-062421.jpg 20120915-062807.jpg 20120915-062833.jpg 20120915-062430.jpg


23 thoughts on “Day 1–iPad photos from Cuzco

    • Thanks.. Was fun but awkward taking them.. I heard the iPhone is better quality and of course less conspicuous. Off for another day but won’t be packing this beast.. Tech is amazing.. Remember the first cameras.. Bigger than an iPad for sure.. Won’t complain..

    • It was quite a city.. Walking through machu pichu was a bit disheartening.. Sortof like angkor watt. So many tourists.. Granted I was one of them.. But guides had to keep yelling at the visitors to not step over the rope.. Very disrespectful some of the people were.. Sad.. But beautiful!

      • Yes, there’s so much to see and take in. We went up to Machu Picchu for two days, and it wasn’t too busy. We just lost the guide and the crowd, and wandered around on our own. Loved it.

        • It’s funny, that’s what I did as well.. I would lose the guide and explore and before you knew it I caught up with the guide.. Would talk to some of the people in the group and then lose the guide again… Felt bad for those who insisted on keeping “down” with the guide because they missed so much.. Hahaha.. But we each have our own way right!

    • Why thanks.. I like to hear things like this it is what I strive for and aside from that normal posed shots don’t really inspire me and I hate to be in them.. thanks for commenting.

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