“‎Broken does not mean non-functioning, or incapacitated, it does however mean ready for repair. ”
― Shawn Boreta

As you can probably recall from my post Shockproof, I’m a bit of a camera fanatic.  I love to play with pictures but am in no way a master.  I get connected to a camera very easily and I hate to buy new ones and re-learn them.   It seems that sometimes a newer version is not necessarily better, just more complicated.

Sadly I recently had to treat myself to a newer version of my Sony Cybershot because my last one got some sand in the lens cover and no longer opened completely. So every time I turned on the camera I had to manually open the lens.  The pictures were still coming out ok but they were just a little more difficult to take.  If I didn’t remember to open the lens completely I would only get a 1/4 of a picture because that’s how far the lens would open.

I finally put the camera away and opened up the new one because I was going to be going on a trip and wanted to practice using the new one.  Well, I’m back from my trip (pictures from my new camera to follow) and for some reason picked up my old camera to put it away and realized that there were about 30 pictures that had been taken before I set it down.

As you can see from the following shots, the initial quote really applies to many things.  Broken does not always mean beyond repair.  After looking at these pictures I have decided to keep the old, broken camera around…. and yes, the newer camera is better or at least a little more difficult to use.

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