Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life – Traveling Peru

When I first saw this challenge posted I made a decision to try to utilize the surroundings I was currently in.. but how do you determine what every day life is like in a place you have never been before?  Then I asked myself, “Self?  Why would it be any different in Peru than in any other place in the world in which you have lived?”

So here are a few of my examples of what people do and how people survive, live, pay their bills and just get through each day on my way to, through and from Lima, Peru.  I hope you enjoy.

This week’s photo challenge is guest hosted by Jon Sanwell of Without an HShare a photo that means EVERYDAY LIFE to you!

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Share a photo that means EVERYDAY LIFE to you!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life – Traveling Peru

  1. I like your take on the challenge. I suppose we always look at places outside our own space as exotic. When you really get down to it, everyone is just living their lives, doing the same routine things day in and day out no matter where you are.

    Also, thanks for the pingback!

  2. This is a great collection of photos. You actually captured what I like to sit and ponder when I’m sitting inside my cubicle walls at work: “I wonder what other people in the world are doing right this minute?”

    • I believe that we are ALL doing exactly the same thing with different backgrounds and motions.. really the SAME thing.. this is coming from someone with about 20 different career path notches on her belt.

  3. Fasinating photos of everyday life in Peru. I think that for most of the locals, life is very hard. Those women who sit making blankets and table mats etc, get so little reward for all their efforts. 😦

    • No, sadly it was a very short 4 day trip. I can’t complain as I have Panama and Costa Rica and then a lightening show in Venezuela coming up.. just trying to hit everywhere before I leave Venezuela.. thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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