Sunday Post: Many people and a dog – Peru

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Jakesprinter has posted another great Sunday Post theme Sunday Post:  People.  It’s ironic and interesting as I was just preparing to post some of my favorite people pictures from Peru.  Looking forward to seeing interesting representations around the world relating to people. HAPPY SUNDAY POST.

The following are some of my favorite pictures of people that I took while on my trip in Peru.  There is currently an apparent strong divide between the variety of ethnic groups that have inhabited Peru since before the 1500’s and the Spanish conquests.  This fact accounts for the many differences in culture and even in looks. Peru is the only South American country which continues to host the maximum percentage of native people.

About 45% of the entire population is comprised of indigenous people.  Of course I found the “pueblos indígenas”  more interesting to photograph and so follows my favorite photos.  I hope you enjoy.

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Many people and a dog – Peru

  1. Beautiful people indeed! I spied one of your other exotic posts in my Reader the other day, didn’t have time to read it there and then, and before I got to it, it had disappeared into the mists of time. Will go and hunt it out now while I remember. You have some brilliant work.
    Many thanks for the PB too.

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  4. Great photos! As you know, I loved every minute in Peru as well… and took 2000 pictures! I You sure packed a lot into your few days… we were there for 2 weeks and felt cheated. ;-p am stumped as to how you imbed the slide show, or videos, etc in your posts. Love it. Is that a Word Press add on?

    • Wow 2000… that was Cambodia for me. I did pack quite a lot in and it just wasn’t enough time.. there were over 900 photos but am learning to edit better and get rid of ones that do not meet my standards or are copies has been my goal over the last year.

      As far as the slide show goes.. on my theme there is an option under gallery when you upload you can post one single photo.. a gallery or a slideshow. I’m not sure all themes have that option. It’s all wordpress.. super simple.

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