Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Where’s my backpack has inspired another great weekly photo challenge – Solitary.  The first impressions that came to my mind were of sad, lonely people.  My second was of single people.. you know people without partners.

However, as I perused my stash of photos the images that kept popping back up were of children, apparently unattended — all by themselves.  Now when I grew up it was not that unusual for parents to let their children “run wild” and as children my sisters and I used to spend an entire day playing in our neighborhood without any parental supervision.  It’s really not that way now adays — except in other countries.

Sometimes the children were merely left unattended to play and roam as my friends, siblings and I did so long ago.  Other times the children were on their own to work alongside other children or beg for food or money to help support their families.  The following pictures of solitary children are the pictures that most struck me.  Though I normally say I hope you enjoy.. now I will say I hope these pictures cause you to think.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

  1. Your post does make me think of all those children in the world today from many countries who lead a solitary life. My hope goes out to them and it is my prayer that someone will touch their lives in someway. Thanks for sharing anf the pingback.

    • I suppose I could have shown a different side and represented many of “my” favorite solitary korean kid photos.. they were often unmonitored but “someone” was always watching them.. just like when I was a kids.. there was a sense of protection growing up even if the parents were not always around.

    • It’s a part of life in EVerY country I have visited.. including the U.S. I try to visit and work in orphanages and soup kitchens as they seem to at least be working with people instead of just throwing things at them.

  2. I had a solitary life as a child pretty well~I was not allowed to ever play with friends or have any one come over to play! I understand this type of solitary! I didn’t write about this in my blog! I Love the little girl from Machu Peru! Beautiful.

    • That is sad.. was it for your protection. I worked with kids and parents who were over-protective and over-protected.. after working in criminal law I became that way for a bit with my own kids.. but I usually just had the neighborhood at my house…

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  4. A great array of photo’s. The children are always great subjects. It is sad that they lead solitary lives. Some start their independence at early ages. Thank you for the pingback. Please come back again and visit. Great Post!! 😉

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