SUNDAY POST : Favorite Spot – RoadTrip

I will admit that when I first saw the theme my heart sort of sank.  I thought to myself.. how can a person whose favorite thing to do is go to new places and leave all the old behind have a favorite spot?  I really struggled with this one.  I used to love visiting my grandparents home because it was sooooo consistent and friendly.  Always good smells out of the kitchen.  I’ve loved beaches and mountains and valleys and deserts.  But one spot?  Really just one?  Impossible.

THEN.. I began to think of all the places I have been and how I got there.  Usually by car.  My favorite thing to do is travel.  Either air, train, boat or car but I’ve usually traveled by car. THEN.. I began to think of all the fun times I have had in a car.

Road trips with my family have been the one thing that has been consistent in my life.  Maybe it’s because my dad was a truck-driver and going on trips with him as a child was my favorite thing to do, I became a life time road trip fanatic.

Time spent in the car with my kids, my parents, my sisters.  Talking, playing road games, stopping at random lookout points or stopping for a cup of coffee or at a diner for a meal was such an adventure and even now planning these things excites me.  Staying in hotels or campsites and passing through small towns or giant cities or riding the car ferry and having coffee up on deck is exciting.  I can’t think of a more favorite (million spots).

Really, these things have been the cornerstone of my life.  My all-time favorite thing to do.  Falling asleep while someone else is driving and waking up to a new world.  The grand vistas from one end of the U.S. to the other. WOW!  My country is city, country, field and stream.  Mountains and valleys, rivers and gorges.  My country is majestic.  The car on a long road-trip is probably my absolute favorite spot.

“We are torn between nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for the foreign and strange. As often as not, we are homesick most for the places we have never known.”
from Carson McCullers

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30 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST : Favorite Spot – RoadTrip

  1. I LOVE road trips. I tell my husband that I’ll drive 20 hrs to pick up our son’s dog in CA and he tells me I’m crazy. All I can think of is the music I’ll play, the scenes I’ll pass and the turn offs I just might take… Fun post!

    • 2 words … DO IT !!! ok I sincerely can not stop at 2 words.. I have driven around the U.S. about 3 times and sometimes for less than just picking up a dog and it is SOOOOOO worth it.. it’s not crazy at all.. where would you be coming from? No matter, you should consider it.

          • Then check out my posts on our travel through Peru this summer, with the whole family… starts with No Pain No Gain, Wait That’s An Option? and I think there are 7 or so… travel with kids is definitely good material! 🙂

            • Wow! Exciting life. We tend to do big trips, for longer… spread out. But then there’s generally 5 of us going. I’ve done India 2x, once with each of my older kids. Have a great time in Panama!

            • Well.. I usually do as well. However, when I found I would be leaving South America for at least 2 years I wanted to cram in a couple countries.. so Peru, Panama and in a few weeks Costa Rica.. the beauty is for me it’s very inexpensive.. . especially without the kids and grand-kids.. so less than a couple hundred dollars for a 3-4 day weekend in a diff country.. I’m blessed.. My next job is in Nepal and I have some extensive visits planned for India might need some insight.

            • Seriously! What a life! So much travel and cool stuff… what do you do for work, that takes you to all of these places? I’ll have to catch up on your posts too. Busy morning, but appreciate you taking the time!

            • I’ve had several career paths but just started a new path as Foreign Service Officer. Prior was an English teacher in Korea and prior (fill in the blanks as a single parent whatever job came along) It’s a lovely life and this will probably be the job I retire in as it allows me to travel and visit so many places.. Amazing life..

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  3. Great post, good interpretation of the subject. I’m in the middle of a road trip at the moment and wouldn’t be anywhere else (well actually we are stalled at the moment waiting for poor old Matilda to have a transplant… Hope to be on the road again next week..)

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