31 Days of Randomness- Personal Inspiration 5 – reconnecting

In continuation of my 31 days of randomness – Day 5.  Reconnecting

How many times have you thought about someone, meant to call them or write them but never did?  There have been so many times that I have dialed a number it was busy and I forgot to retry it.  Time passed and so did the person.  I have ran into people that I haven’ seen for ages and nearly every single one of them has said, “Man, I’ve been thinking about you, I meant to call or write but never did.”

There have been letters and phone calls I have avoided partly because I didn’t think it was important enough or I didn’t want to face the person or hurt them.  Maybe I have avoided this task because I decided it would be unwise due to the effect it would cause.  I have letters I have written despite all of the above reasons I have of not writing them and I have not sent them.  They were only written to release those inner pent up emotions.

This past year I finally broke down and wrote a letter to a very dear friend of mine.  A letter that explained my reasons for the sudden loss of communication from me. The hurt I felt and the pain a specific incident caused.  We had been friends for over 15 years.  Through the good and the bad but something happened that at the time I could not comment on.  I didn’t know how and was too confused to actually respond appropriately at the time.  I finally did it and the result ha been that this person has not responded or even attempted to help me gain a better understanding.  Yes, this hurt.  But at least I now know. I will not shut the door to re-connecting but at least I now know.

I had another opportunity just recently to reconnect with someone very important from a very distant past part of my life and finally said what needed to be said.  I never thought I would be given that chance and by chance I took this random encounter to state some very, very, very important things.  I had absolutely NO idea of what the ramifications would be.  I really still don’t know what the end result will be.  But I took it and the beauty is now I will know.  At last, at least, now I will know.

This has inspired me to reach out and reconnect with other lost friends and family.  There are so many people in the world and yet so few genuine and real connections.  Connections with people from childhood, high school, old jobs that at one time in your life were so important and are now only random passing thoughts.  Who knows where these connections are or what joys and struggles they may be going through.  Maybe they need you (ME) to reach out and re-connect.  Maybe not, but at least, at last, now you (I) can know.

This all started from a random site I found called thenester.com.  Apparently there is a group of people who have committed to posting a topical theme a day for 31 days.  31 Dayers 2012

6 thoughts on “31 Days of Randomness- Personal Inspiration 5 – reconnecting

  1. I think what you’re doing is awesome! I have been trying to do that too because of a very painful lesson learned. Like many of us, I got busy with kids and family, and hadn’t talked to one of dearest friends and college roommate for over a year. She was busy across the country with her new family too. Then I received a call from her mom saying she had unexpectedly and tragically passed. That was a few years ago and I still regret not picking up the phone for a quick 5 minute hello. I also think it’s awesome for you to get some closure on some people that you have invested time in by worrying about them when obviously, they weren’t worth the thought! Have a good weekend!

    • Thanks.. It has been enlightening..at first I was surprised at how receptive people were to this until i realized that connections are sort of what so many people are looking for in this crazy disconnected world… And the ones that are not.. Well at least I know..

  2. I had to write one of those long letters once to a long-time friend. It turned things in the right direction to stay connected – repeatedly or constantly. Sometimes, even with my co-workers, I need to stay connected, especially when I’m too busy.

  3. Good post you have really hit a chord, With the internet it is so easy not to send a personal letter and time slips by, you feel guilty, and more time slips by, eventually it slips down the list to, “I must get that letter written” but life takes over. I am very guilty of this and you have made me realize that some things should not be put off, how ever hard they may be…

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