JakesPrinter’s has brought another great theme for this week.  CITY

After reviewing all of my favorite shots from my favorite cities I found too many to narrow down.  So what I decided to do is pick my favorite city to highlight and post some of my favorite pictures from that ONE city.. and for the others.. well.. I couldn’t just ignore them so they will need to follow in a slideshow.  Now if you’ve read a few of my past posts you will know what city I’m going to profile.  I hope you enjoy.


Statute of Liberty

New York

Canal Street New York

Elmo New York

New York Cabs

New York Times Square

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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22 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST : City

  1. I recalled my 2008 first trip here in States was in New York City, and the Statue of Liberty is just a big blast for me.:) I supposed to include it to my photo for this post too but don’t have the photo with me.
    Idd like to go back there again as last time we haven’t have the opportunity to get inside the Statue because we haven’t reserve in advance!

    Great one you have there,

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