31 days of randomness – Personal Inspiration 24 – Bringing Sexy Back

In continuation of my 31 days of randomness  – Day 24 – Laugh at yourself and mean it.  Accept yourself and mean it.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”  – Buddha

The day is here.. I’m really finally after so many years very o.k. with myself.  I’ve been mostly o.k. with me for many years but now I’m absolutely ok with me.  I knew this for certain when I allowed my friends to take certain terrible photos of me and post them.  They were / are somewhat terrible photos and many friends have asked me why I would allow these photos to be taken at all, let alone be posted.  I had a few friends beg me to take them down or they would un-friend me.  I’m sure they were joking about the “un-friending” comment.

There was a tiny part of me that wanted to take them down and destroy them. (When I say destroy them, I really mean destroy the people who posted them!!!)  I had a friend whose parent once said to me “Wow!! you really do NOT take very good photos!!” My friend of course nearly choked but it was a true statement and honesty is my favorite character trait right below humor.  The truth is I am much better looking in person or in action than I am in a still shot which is probably why online dating never really panned out for me.

However, the photos ARE kind of funny and well … bottom line is they are exactly who I am and what I looked like at the time of the photo.  These photos have made me laugh and made some of my friends laugh as well.  I’m inspired to post them as they really do represent an important part of me and who I really am.  They also inspire me to once again “attempt” to let go of some of my insecurities.  To remind myself that I am Sam, I am all that I am all of the time and that’s really ok.

What I am is how I came out. No one’s perfect and you just have to accept your flaws and learn to love yourself. – Kelly Brook

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.  – Lucille Ball

This all started from a random site I found called thenester.com.  Apparently there is a group of people who have committed to posting a topical theme a day for 31 days.  31 Dayers 2012

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