Definitely a First World Problem

So I am preparing to end my time in Venezuela. It’s been an amazing two years and I have been preparing to give this beautiful country an awesome blog closure and analysis. Sadly my WordPress account has not been functioning (along with several other Internet based programs) so I have been stymied. I started to feel myself getting frustrated and actually angry. Howe dare the wireless tech gods conspire against my Internet follies!!

I had to actually give myself a talking to…I refuse to let this get me down and out. It’s truly not a crises. I see around me others who have bigger problems than I do. This is a new-age problem. Strangely though we live in a generation that is so very used to the 20 second commercial followed by immediate gratification and my initial reaction is/was an all too common emotion these days. The tiniest setbacks these days seem to inspire the most instant and profound rage in so many usually level-headed people.

The truth is for me… I am on vacation in Costa Rica.. Sitting on my patio.. Drinking some amazing coffee.. Sun is shining.. I am typing on my iPad.. Which is not the Easiest thing to do.. But life is good.


A reiki master friend of mine sent me this awesome diagram that is a wonder for solving problems. I hope you try it out and it works for you as well!

I was going to add the diagram..however it is not loading.. It appears that I am being told by those crazy wifi gods to put this tech down and just go out and enjoy some of the local natural life.. And that I will….

OK here’s the diagram I could not upload before… Enjoy..

Pictures will some point!

20 thoughts on “Definitely a First World Problem

  1. Great post. So true that we have become used to the instant gratification…..and so used to the internet. I’m having a push/pull struggle right now on wanting to sign out for our upcoming vacation, but I’m determined to stay on the Project 365 that I’m almost to the goal line with.

    • This is true.. I was traveling recently and on the plane next to me was a man who had two phones going and even after he was told three times to shut them off so we could take off he would sneak turn them on and text.. I was creeped out by it.. Someone said ..well maybe he is super important in his job… My response to that was no way or he wouldn’t be sitting back in the cattle car with the rest of us smucks!!

  2. So true…my husband and I spent four months in Bali, and when we first got there, we had internet connection ‘problems’…very small compared to the amazing experiences we had not being online. And of course, the sense of humble appreciation of living in a developing country, where not everyone has the luxury of being connected via internet:)

    • I love being stuck in un developed areas with no tech… The first day it’s a bit unnerving. But amazing how quickly one adapts.. There was a PBS reality show that put several families on the wagon trail west and they had to live like they did in the ??? 1900s and it might have been the best reality show ever.. Good 6 month after follow-up as well.. Worth a look..

  3. So sadly true. Really – lack of internet access is our biggest concern? That’s when we need to chuck all our electronics completely and live life in person rather than virtually. Notice that I am on internet and am miserably pale. Go soak up some sun!

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