Woah – rated PG for language

Now, I’m not about posting videos with foul language.  I’m really not.  However, my site has been down so I’ve been a bit behind on posting anything.  Also, my space has been used up and I’ve been struggling with figuring out what kind, if any, of upgrade I should consider purchasing.  Apparently I am photo heavy in my blogs so I’m at a loss of what I should do.  I would welcome any suggestions.

At any rate, back to the point of this blog.  I’m behind.. no biggie.. it was all for good reason. Travel, internet down and more travel.  It was a great break to not have access to internet over the past couple of trips and during the past week in Venezuela.  Amazing amount of things I was able to accomplish in that time.. but again I digress.. the point of this blog is I”m about to post a video that has some extreme language.  I cannot edit it out as it is not my video to edit.

So here’s the story. About 2 weeks ago I went to Catatumbo, Venezuela for 4 days.  This is a place in Venezuela that is re-known for it’s lightening storms.  I flew out of Venezuela with only about 3 hours of sleep, I arrived in the location after a 2 hour bus ride and about 3-4 hours on a boat in the sweltering sun.  So by 8 pm I was exhausted.  It was a great day but was completely exhausted.  So I went to bed about 9 pm.  At about 10:30 pm we were all roused from our sleep to the sound of a door banging open and our tour guide Alan Highton screaming, “The lightening show is starting.. the lightening show is starting!!”

So we trudge out of bed and are impressed and amazed at the spattering of occasional brightness in the sky.. after about 10 minutes of me being completely UN-IMPRESSED and discombobulated from lack of sleep.. i head back to bed to be awakened about 45 min later with our lovely tour guide Alan Highton pounding and screaming again.. “The lightening show..”  well you get it.. so let’s just say the first night was a bit of a bust on the show.  I could not even capture a tiny bit of lightening.

So the second day we participate in a food delivery donation to a local village.. I will talk more about this in my next post with some photos as soon as I figure out what upgrade I want to purchase..(this is your hint to give me some guidance).

All day Alan kept singing the Black Eyed Peas chorus from “I gotta feeling.. that tonights going to be a good night.. that tonights going to be a good- good night..” By the time evening rolled around and after about a 2 hour nap I did feel better but when 9 pm rolled around I was still uh.. not impressed.  I decided to use the bathroom and just go back to sleep.  By the time I got out of the bathroom a breeze had picked up and some thunder started rolling a bit.. so I decided to sit up for a bit.  Everyone else on this tour seemed to have these amazing cameras with telephoto lenses and were catching some good lightening shots but I could not do the magic with my point and shoot.  The best shot I got was of the following which was taken at 1 am in pitch black after lightening had blazed through the sky..

Lightening pounded down on this dock. It was 1 am and pitch black when I shot the picture. Looks like daylight.

Wow.. another sort of lame shot from my great but lame for shooting cool pictures camera…lightening in the distance

Another mediocre shot.

My friends great, awesome camera shot with long exposure. I wish I had that camera.

A different long exposure shot of friends awesome camera.

A distant shot of bolts of lightening from friends camera… so cool.

Long shot of distant lightening. Friends camera

Awesome friend in cool picture with someone’s awesome camera.. can I say awesome one more time?



13 thoughts on “Woah – rated PG for language

  1. I think you would really enjoy a new camera. I am loving mine. You can start taking pics almost out of the box because of the automatic settings that allow point and shoot easy use – but of course there is the option of doing your own settings as you get more sophisticated with know how to use it. Long, long learning curve but good pics from the very beginning – especially if I take enough of them there are a few keepers. 🙂

      • I bought a Nikon 5100 and can use it as a point and shoot but it can also control the setting myself. Nice to be able to use it either way. I think you need a camera that you can control the settings. Fun stuff to learn – but it is taking me a long time.

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