Sunday Post – Surroundings

I’m a little behind on my posts and have missed some great ones so I want to try to catch up.  On November 10, Jakesprinters Surroundings was a great one.. I just happened to be on my vacation to Catatumbo, Venezuela and my surrounding were more than awesome.  My last post.  “Woah, rated PG” showed a couple cool lightening pictures that others took with their awesome cameras, while mine only captured pure light from the flashes.. so this week I am going to highlight the daytime loveliness that was Catatumbo.

It was an amazing trip, my last one in Venezuela, and so fitting for ending an incredible 2 years.  Though I am ready to move on to my next location, I will definitely miss some of the amazing aspects of a country that so often gets a bad rap for its political and economic turmoil as well as it’s unusually high crime rate.

I hope you enjoy.

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Post – Surroundings

    • Thank you.. that means alot.. I try not to compare myself to others.. especially here in this forum.. but there are so many great photographers.. and I’ve learned quite a bit from others such as you in the way of angles and lighting.. it is possibly better than some classes.. and it has been very fun learning like this..

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