Weekly Photo Challenge – Renewal – Young Again

To be honest I struggled with this weekly photo challenge – renewal.  All images of renewal went to the obvious, sunsets, grand-babies, plants and baby animals.  Then, out of the blue I ran into some of my pictures from my travels and time in Venezuela and Ecuador.

Most of these photos revolve around those extreme sports I have already blogged about, however, these images brought back so many memories of the renewed course my life has taken over the past couple of years.  New job, new life with my daughters grown and starting families of their own.  These photos, to me demonstrate the liberating renewal of starting a new life in a new job with new freedoms that I am embracing whole-heartedly.

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So with a grand hug and big thanks to the two tour companies in Venezuela that I used the most, Akanan Travel and Adventure and Guamanchi Expeditions Adventure Tours I present to you my favorite images of renewal.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Renewal – Young Again

  1. Your words and pictures are a great illustration for this week’s challenge: the contentment and happiness in (and with) this stage of your life is something I feel, too. 🙂

    Thank you so much for including me in your pingback links.

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