SUNDAY POST : Natural Resources

Jake’s theme for this week is natural resources…click here to go to his page.  His weekly challenges always present a challenge for me because I like to find photos that are a little outside of the box.  This week I’m going to stay very much in the box and only as a side-note step out.  I hope you enjoy.

My first photos are from a visit to a Cambodian silk thread weaver factory.  We saw the process of creating yarn from piles of leaves to larvae to silkworm to yarn to weaving.  It was amazing to watch these ladies work, knowing that these ladies sat in these positions for hours using the natural resources that surround them to make a living as well as to create beautiful natural crafts.

Cambodia Silk making factory. Ladies weaving the thread.

Cambodia Silk making factory. Ladies weaving the thread.

Textile machines in silk factory

Silk worms at the silk factory in Cambodia

Silk baskets that hold the silkworms while they weave/spit their threads.

Silkworm bush to harvest silk.

Bed of leaves to grow and feed silk worm

Silk worm bushes/trays.

The next group of photos come from Spokane, Wa (natural water resources) and the drive to Seattle, WA (natural wind resources).

A river runs through it. Spokane, WA has a river running through the center of the city. Over the years it has helped to create energy for the city as well as a beautiful backdrop for the 1976? World’s Fair.

Windmills that produce energy on I 95. A very windy area.

A river runs through it. Spokane, WA has a river running through the center of the city. Over the years it has helped to create energy for the city as well as a beautiful backdrop for the 1976? World’s Fair.

Windmills that produce energy on I 95. A very windy area.

This is a water fountain in the middle of the city. I was told that it is fed by the Spokane river that runs through the city.

Windmills that produce energy on I 95. A very windy area.

Windmills that produce energy on I 95. A very windy area.

These next four photos are from Catatumbo, Venezuela.  They are of some local crabbers making their living and feeding their family off of the natural resources of the water they live in and are surrounded with daily.

The man doing the work. Amazing to watch their handmade crab trappers and how fast this man needs to work to catch each crab.

The job and the net

Local crabbers living on Venezuela’s natural resource

The haul

These final pictures are simply of people (me included) enjoying a variety of natural resources.

Sailing on wind power in San Francisco Bay

Using nature and a natural phenomena to enjoy the cold.

Climbing trees in Shanendoah National forest.

Trying to break up some dead wood for a fire using natural resources to do the task.

Hauling dead wood to create seating at a camp in the Shanendoah National Forest

Just hanging around on a hike in Shanendoah National Forest

Climbing trees in Shanendoah National Forest.

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16 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST : Natural Resources

  1. I wanna say thanks, first for your interesting post. I stole your list of Sunday Posts, and updated my post to repost the list on my site too. Thanks for compiling it!!! I also wanna say thanks for visiting my site. I want to invite you back any time. I was in Seattle WA Nov 15-19, so I was especially interested in your Washington pictures even those those places are not considered Central.

    • They are definitely not central in the scheme of Washington, but very central (middle of the state between Canada and Oregon.) If you ever get a chance to drive from Seattle to Spokane you should. I try to include some of my favorite other theme catches.. love the themes..

      • Agreed. I have spent most of my time driving from Seattle to Portland and back again, and I think we went east one time in 20 years, but it wasn’t Spokane. I would love to drive that some day IN THE SUMMER!!! hahaha!

        • YEAH!! In the SUMMER.. it’s deadly otherwise.. though still beautiful if it isn’t storming. I think the Gorge is the best part to drive through. A little desolate.. but it has some amazing vistas.. you should do it sometime..

          • Thanks for the idea. My husband and I want to spend some time driving around the country, and that would make a great trip. If you ever get to CA, there are some wonderful places to visit there, also. 🙂

            • I used to teach in San Bernardino, CA. and would drive from San Diego – Hollywood.. was there 3 yrs. Another great drive (but exhausting) is from Cali – Washingon- Chicago – New York – DC – Texas – LA… Yes 2x I’ve done that.. about a 3 week trip if you do it right..lucky my kids are great travelers. In Jan it’s Amtrak from WASH to CHICAGO to NEW YORK…BEST way to travel.

            • Nice from where to where…?? I haven’t been on Amtrak in over 10 years.. used to do it 2x a year taking kids from spokane to Chicago.. so excited.

    • So far in S. America I have visited about 10 same same but different natural production shops. Coffee farms to metal works. Every place in South America makes good use of their natural resources.. ziplining to rafting activities abound here. THanks for stopping by..

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  3. On my next trip to Southeast Asia, I’ve got to check out the silk worm situation. When I was in Vietnam recently, I went on a market tour with a local chef. She challenged the people in our group to eat a live silkworm. Not wanting to seem like a squeamish foreigner, I said sure an popped it in my mouth, a decision I regretted emediately. If you haven’t had the pleasure, they are simultaneously juicier and more fibrous than you would expect. 😦

    • I think I will avoid the pleasure.. the only similar experience I can think of is when I tried Balug or Balut on a dare.. it is a philippine dish if you don’t know.. I talked about it in one of my posts.. It was the most awful experience.. ugh.

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