Travel theme: Hot

I’m going to diverge from using standard photos of hot in relation to Ailsa’s travel theme this week as I’ve been living in a country that is HOT most every day.  It has been breezy and chilly lately.. dipped below 75 the other day.. brrrrrrrrr….

I have fortunately missed (or not missed-depending on how you look at it) the cold for the past 2 years in Venezuela and this paradise life is soon drawing to a close (13 more days — boooo) and I will be leaving the 75-95 F weather and bursting into Washington State where the same day forecast shows a near 40 degree reduction in temps.  So to prepare myself for this.. even just a little.. I decided to go with my one favorite cold weather heat me up.. FIRE… I hope you enjoy.

250175_10150250972218282_3775143_n 30268_388302158281_3565949_n 30268_388302643281_710656_n 216975_10150252237173282_3690452_n 270030_10150250971218282_1764825_n 252118_10150252232683282_6669426_n 68885_441302048281_3251220_n 249291_10150252237283282_7783234_n 39520_441301918281_8208359_n 71938_441301513281_4360807_n 67554_441301323281_5697032_n 37946_441301833281_7043375_n 30268_388301418281_6390124_n 30268_388301548281_4157624_n 263354_10150252236953282_4424639_n 68725_441299783281_6668514_n 30268_388301333281_5970714_n 30268_388300953281_5216112_n 30268_388300623281_917170_n 30268_388300483281_2813549_n 30268_388299193281_7723497_n 30268_388299958281_260098_n

30268_388300423281_7995947_n 30268_388300448281_4903217_n 30268_388299103281_2887302_n

Just a few of my favorites

12 thoughts on “Travel theme: Hot

    • I’m originally from Spokane (will be back there next week) for a couple of frigid weeks.. yeah the photos brought a lot of good memories back.. those of course were recent but have so many from my childhood.. love campfires.. truly do..

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