SUNDAY POST: On going OR going on

Yes.. another post on trains.  I know that this train obsession of mine has probably become VERY old so I will try to make this my last train blog for awhile.  It just seemed to fit so well with Jake’s challenge: On Going. So for the lat time.. for now.. ALLL ABOOOAARRD!!!!!

Train leaving Spokane in a blizzard.

Train leaving Spokane in a blizzard.

Only a couple more sets of vacation blogs and then it’s back to work… Blog-wise and work-wise.  After leaving Venezuela and spending some time with my family, my youngest daughter, her son and I took Amtrak from Spokane to Chicago.  This portion of the trip involved leaving Spokane about 1:00 a.m., sleeping 2 nights on the train and arriving in Chicago 2 days later.


Due to the fact I don’t get to spend that much time with my kids or grandkids because of my job, this was an amazing opportunity to really spend some quality time.  Eating, sleeping and playing on the train was AWESOME!!

IMG_0276 IMG_0307 IMG_0286 IMG_0202 IMG_0195 IMG_0232 IMG_0428

I can’t speak enough about train rides in regards to really getting to see some beautiful areas and things you would see from a car or a plane.

IMG_0392 IMG_0360 IMG_0334 IMG_0322 IMG_0260 IMG_0229

At this point my daughter and grand-son would stay the night in Chicago and then go by bus to visit the grandparents in Indiana.  I would stop long enough to eat dinner with them and then hop back on the train where I would spend one more night and then get off in New York.  (This last sentence is a foreshadowing of my next blog’s topic)


I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking the trip.  Cheers.

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12 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: On going OR going on

    • Biggest thing to remember is it’s longer.. haha.. It was so fun.. and the sleeper car includes meals. Considering all of that with not needed to arrive 3 hours ahead of time to go through security it really made it awesome and only a little more expensive than flying. So worth it.

  1. I took this train from Chicago to Wisconsin when I was there in the summer. I traveled with my little boy, just the 2 of us. I was really uneasy, I’m from Ireland and we had never seen such a big train, I was totally intimidated by it. I tried to make it fun for my boy but I told my fiance I’d never take the train again! Thanks for giving me such a different perspective. I think it was just so big and new to me, had I been with my fiance or another grown up I probably would have had a different experience entirely.

    • You should definitely try it again. I used to travel with my kids to go visit their dad and every trip was pretty awesome. This trip was especially nice because I could afford a sleeper car.. before we would just sleep in the general coach.. you could do a shorter-long trip with friends and probably really like it. of course traveling with a child is more difficult.. keep me posted..

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