A compilation of themes I missed

After leaving Venezuela I had over 7 weeks to pass with no computer and limited down-time.  I did stay on top of some of my favorite themes from some of my favorite blogs and feel it might just be easier to put together one blog highlighting some of my favorite pictures from some of the favorite parts of my journey.  I wonder if I can use the word favorite just ONE MORE TIME.

As usual, Ailsa from Where’s my Backpack brought some great photo themes out which received some inspiring responses.  At the end of this blog I will try to find some of the ones I liked the most and highlight them.

Travel theme: Multiples

Travel theme: Glass

Travel theme: Shadows

Travel theme: Up

Travel theme: New


Travel theme: Gaudy


28 thoughts on “A compilation of themes I missed

      • I just wish I thought of it first 😉 I had saved a few pictures on my usb to post on the themes the weekend I went back to Canada, but by the time I got to post new themes were already up 😦 Oh well it worked out since I used the one for gaudy. Maybe you would know about the bubble man in Seoul…. it is too funny. I’ll put the link here so you can check it out. I need to get someone to tell me what the Korean says.

        • You still can.. I’ve gone back 3 years and found themes I liked.. haha.. I haven’t really “blogged” about anything for awhile.. stuck on themes.

          I do miss Korea. I can sound out mostly what the sign says but never learned it when I was there.. I’m starting Nepali next week so I’m afraid that I’m lost to Korean for now.. I’m hoping to work there at some point.. I can send it to a friend.. they can tell me..

          • That is OK. I can ask my students. I have a few Korean boys in my class. They are so funny. The one LOVES Gangham Style and dances everytime he hears it. We had a rainy recess the other day and I put on music and that came on and he just lights up. I am sure they could translate 🙂 Thanks for the offer though.

            • Yes I would love to take classes, but find languages hard so I would have to study and practise A LOT. Working 9-12 hours a day plus weekends is way too much already. Our school has a lot going on so I am always swamped with my daily work. I think it would be too much to add classes. Although now I am starting to hear words, recognise many… it would be good to take lessons now. Maybe…

            • You seriously need to get out of China.. Language is difficult, especially for me the older I get. I start Nepali next week so I’m trying to change my mind about how hard it is.. haha.. The advantage to learning where you is is you are in the area..However, I always managed not to find time in Korea. Big regret now. well.. it all worked out.

            • Well 1 more school year and the rest of this one. It is SO busy, but I think it is the school more than China. I never thought of China as a place to visit, but I have enjoyed it a great deal. Glad I came… and will miss it when I leave.

            • You will be surprised at how much you DO miss it. I love the U.S. and love coming home.. but I really miss all of the places I have visited. There is something very special about living overseas. I wish more people had the opportunity to do it.

            • Yes that is for sure. I have always wanted to love overseas… in high school I wanted to do the exchange thing. It opens your eyes to so much. I will miss it. I have decided to stay until 2014. I am not ready to leave this June… and go back to an ordinary life 😉 Our time overseas is on hold for now. Maybe one day again 🙂 At least there is always travel.

            • It’s been fantastic for me. So is this to say you are staying in china until 2014? If you do you should consider a trip to Nepal in 2014 on your way out. I’ll get there in sept of this year but won’t be ready for guests until 2014. Just a thought.

            • Thanks that would be awesome. We haven’t done a lot of travel this year with my husband back home because of family illness. Next year we are hoping to travel each holiday and get to see all the places we can before returning home. Thanks very much for the offer we may have to take you up on it 🙂

  1. Great idea, good photos, the challenges are good motivation but they sure have a habit of rushing through each week. Did you see my photos of Korean mountains just recently in Ailsas recent travel theme?

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