Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Forward. This week’s photo challenge… inspired me to think about how many times I have moved forward and what that moving forward has meant for me.  I can remember many times in my life certain people stated that I seemed to be a person that was constantly running away from people, places and things.  The truth is, I have never ran from anything but have spent a lot of time running towards everything.

This week’s photo challenge asked what ‘forward’ meant to us.  Well, to me it has always meant finding interesting people, places or things that are ahead of me and that have caused me to want to move forward and toward a new and unknown destination.

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I have had an amazing life with many shiny objects ahead of me that have distracted and caused me to want to leave behind one thing (or in some cases many things) that I truly loved and appreciated in order to move on.  For this I am grateful.  I cannot imagine, even for a second not moving forward.  Because of my inability to run away from things I will always remember fondly the places I have been and the people I have met.  Because of my ability to move forward, I will always anticipate the amazing things that are yet to come.

Go check out the other photo challenge participants here.  Or bust out some pictures and join in the fun!

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

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  6. Those were a lot of pictures in the slide show, but I sure did enjoy it. You’ve done great with exploring different places! Do your kids go with you very often?


    • My kids travel frequently with me. Both lived with me in Korea for a year each. My oldest, her husband and their baby lived with me in Venezuela for almost 7 months. I took my youngest to China and both to Thailand. Nepal is next and the both plan on bringing the grandkids out.. LOVE IT!! Thanks for stopping by.

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