Weekly Photo Challenge: A “birth” Day in My Life

This weeks photo challenge was: A day in my life.  I’m going to actually expand it by a half day and make it a day and a half in my life.  It was my birthday yesterday so I feel that this expansion is merited.

A friend who works with digital photography created this for me for my birthday.

A friend who works with digital photography created this for me for my birthday.

I’ve been studying diligently now for over a month and making great progress.  I have been overdosing on Nepali language because when I went through the Spanish program I did NOT do so well and had to spend about 2 years being teased about my lack of ability in language.  I’ve decided that this is NOT going to happen this time.  What this has meant for me is about 5 hours straight of class time only to come home and spend between 3-5 more hours studying, creating flashcards, reviewing an electronic flashcard set I created, reading Nepali newspapers and on and on. I’ve been posting notes on walls, in notebooks and on my computer. I’m loving it, but it has been exhausting and has left little time for anything else.  I do mean.. anything..

My birthday was on Saturday so I decided that on Friday I would ride my bike to school which would allow me to get some fresh outdoor, brand new spring like weather outdoorness.  It was a brilliant idea.  Got to school and felt great.  Full of energy and enthusiasm.  By the time I got home.. it was a little bit of a different story.

Getting to school

Getting to school

Getting home from school

Getting home from school

My very good friend Marcia decided that enough was enough and even though I wasn’t very keen on celebrating my birthday, I needed a break.  She believes that birthdays are to be huge events that are celebrated to extremes.  I am the opposite.  I feel birthdays are days you should do what you want to do and pamper yourself or not.  Because I have been loving learning the language, my plan was to just stay home and study.  Her plan involved a gigantic dinner with friends around to celebrate the passing of yet another year. We made a compromise.  We went to a nice dinner on Friday night and then spent most of Saturday afternoon shopping, drinking some wine and eating some cheese.  All in all, it was a lovely day.  She was right.  I did need that break.  I hope you enjoy.

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iPhoneography Monday: Night Photography

I realize it is Tuesday but I loved this photo challenge. I loved it largely because I am NOT a night-time person.  I am often teased by friends because I like to be in my home and in my pajamas by about 7pm.  I would agree that it is a sad thing, however, I have been this way since I was a child.  While my sisters would fight bed-time, I would get my jammies on, go around give kisses and hugs and head for bed.

Another reason I loved this challenge was because most of my night time photos do not turn out very well.  My iphone photos are worse.  HOWEVER, I do have a few night-time photos I have taken over the past couple of months that I do like.  Despite the fact they did not turn out clear or perfect, I still like them.  I was super amazed with how well other’s iPhone photos turn out.. and not just turn out but are quite amazing.  I hope you enjoy.

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SUNDAY POST : Sentimental Value

Ohhhhh Jake.. This week’s Sunday Post theme really touched me.  I will start by saying I’m not a very sentimental person.  At least as far as material things go. I’m very sentimental about close friends and definitely sentimental about my kids and grandkids.  Other than that.. not so much.

I can’t begin to say how many things I have lost due to theft, travel damage or just inattention.  I think these losses are some of the reasons I don’t hold many things physically or even in a sentimental position in my heart or head.  I do believe I posted a picture of one of my most recent total losses in a prior post.

Having said that.  I do have few objects that have managed to stand the test of my times.


Travel theme: नेपली Time

Ailsa from “Where’s My Backpack” posted an awesome theme once again this week. Her travel theme is Time.  Considering I am always running out of time and actually behind schedule as I write this, I thought it would be fitting to post a photo of the time I am studying from the country I will be going to in the very near future.  Now if I can only remember how to say the phrase and the numbers.

IMG_0933 IMG_0934

Time in a bottle – This link is actually better as it shows a video of Jim Croce with his kid.  Love it.