SUNDAY POST : Arrangements

The act of arranging or being arranged like Places, living things or collection of things that have been arranged.

So starts the Sunday Post Challenge from JakesPrinter.  It’s an interesting challenge because in reality, nearly everything is arranged.  We arrange schedules, people and objects all for a variety of reasons.

There is the natural arrangement of words to give sense to things..

Hello!  My name is Samantha.

नमस्ते। मेरी नाम साम हो।

Hola! Mi nombre es Samantha.

I’m not extremely particular person in regards to how I like things organized.  Well, mostly.  O.k. I guess I am pretty particular.  Things just make sense when they conform to a specific natural arrangement.  Arrangements make things pretty. Arrangements make things interesting.

favorite arrangements are in 3's

favorite arrangements are in 3’s

IMG_0876 IMG_0875

Love 3's-Most things I arrange are in 3s

Love 3’s-Most things I arrange are in 3s


Beer flight arranged quite nicely

Beer flight arranged quite nicely

Arrangements can sometimes cause one to pause and think about why things are the way they are.

Shopping carts not quite arranged outside my window.

Shopping carts not quite arranged outside my window.

Cornish game hen arranged

Cornish game hen arranged and interesting to look at.  A little bizarre if you look too long.

Arranging things can lend calm to a frantic mind and it also makes certain things easier to locate.

IMG_0883 IMG_0884 IMG_0886 IMG_0887 IMG_0888Every day when I sit down to study.  I arrange my items very specifically in a manner that is most conducive to learning.  It’s the only way I can operate and think and learn.



8 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST : Arrangements

  1. As a person who love everything to be in their proper place, I found your photos picture perfect. Very nice entry for Jake’s challenge. Thanks for adding me to your related articles list. It’s greatly appreciated.
    p.s. Do you know the botanical name for the Lucky plant? I have one and would like to know how to maintain it. So far, It grows happily in a vase with water. I cannot find info on google. Thanks

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