iPhoneography Monday: Night Photography

I realize it is Tuesday but I loved this photo challenge. I loved it largely because I am NOT a night-time person.  I am often teased by friends because I like to be in my home and in my pajamas by about 7pm.  I would agree that it is a sad thing, however, I have been this way since I was a child.  While my sisters would fight bed-time, I would get my jammies on, go around give kisses and hugs and head for bed.

Another reason I loved this challenge was because most of my night time photos do not turn out very well.  My iphone photos are worse.  HOWEVER, I do have a few night-time photos I have taken over the past couple of months that I do like.  Despite the fact they did not turn out clear or perfect, I still like them.  I was super amazed with how well other’s iPhone photos turn out.. and not just turn out but are quite amazing.  I hope you enjoy.

Check out Sally’s version of the Challenger Choice here: iPhoneography Monday: Abstract and Polly’s version here:iPhoneography Monday: Portraits.

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