SUNDAY POST : Attraction

Jakesprinter’s May 5, Sunday posting Attraction brought some awesome submissions from others and was also a great theme for me to catch up on some activities that I have been participating in with my guests and between my studies.  I hope you enjoy visiting these images and might just be inspired to come check out the DC area.

So from sailboat rides to wine festivals…capital buildings to Naval Academies.. Navy memorials to police memorials…historical re-enactments to inspirational sayings and statutes.. welcome to my neighborhood.

14 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST : Attraction

  1. I love the Washington D.C. area. I have visited there twice in the last year. Your photos are wonderful. I’m glad to see some things that I have missed in your photos.


    • Believe me when I say, yes there is.. I was told once that if you just went to the Smithsonian mall area you could spend several years touring it and never see it all.. then around DC all of the historical areas.. really a lot.

    • It’s been fun to be here. I think sometimes when you are staying in a place you forget to visit new areas. It’s been great having friends in for May.. saw so many new things.

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