Black and White and Shadows and Light

I’m a bit.. VERY behind on any kind of postings.. However, I do not feel guilty as I am very ahead on my language training.  That’s saying quite a bit considering I have had guests in my home the entire month of May and have traveled all over the DC area with them and all the way to New York and other outlying areas.  I’m feeling good and loving life.  The good news for me is I now have a day to catch up on some of my favorite blogs and photo challenges.  That is I have time to catch up on my blogs while also catching up on some of my studies.  Life is good.

I’m starting off with some black and whites and great city shots.  Over the past few weeks several of the blogs I have been following have posted black and white challenges.  Black and whites are really my favorite photographs to work with because in my opinion they give a photo a certain sense of timelessness.  There’s just something sort of sexy about a black and white.  I hope you enjoy.

11 thoughts on “Black and White and Shadows and Light

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