It sort of took my breath away..

While riding my bike to school at 6:30 a.m. I looked to my right and this is what I saw.

Arlington Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery 6:30 a.m.

 In this time of war, and in memory of our fallen heroes, we must be mindful to do everything in our power to keep our troops safe as they keep us safe. We must do better to take care of their families, who sacrifice in ways too many count.
 Senator John Kerry 

8 thoughts on “It sort of took my breath away..

  1. I am agreeing with your sentiment; a timely reminder to us all.
    But remember too that many of our ‘leaders’ send our soldiers to fight in hopeless conflicts in far flung places where we say we come in peace but instead become their enemies.

    • I respect your opinion. I spent nearly 21 years in the Navy and retired. My photo isn’t a political statement at all nor is it meant to inspire patriotism or elicit any comments for or against this countries leaders or any of the wars we have been a part of. It was simply beautiful. The quote underneath the photo from “John Kerry” demonstrates much of my own personal opinion on this subject which is keeping our troops safe and taking care of their families. I feel very strongly about this. My opinions on wars and conflict, I typically keep to myself.

      • I respect your thoughts and intend no criticism of your position. Your post represented your view on a matter of both personal and global significance which you broadcast on an international stage. i trust you are able to see the bigger picture.

  2. I have to agree with 2far2shout here. War is a terrible thing. Your photo has a poignant beautyt but it does not strike patriotic fervour in me – rather a deep sorrow that still war rages across the planet.

    • I respect your opinion as well as the above expressed. I also feel a supreme sorrow that war, bigotry, hate, crime, abuse (and on the list goes) that exists across the planet. Despite my length of time in the military along with my current affiliation with the government I don’t believe in much of anything that involves the word fervor. I also don’t believe in fanaticism. Per my comment above I have a greater concern for lost lives and the families left behind.

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