Smells, smells everywhere.

“And now I’ve got to explain the smell that was in there before I went in there. Does that ever happen to you? It’s not your fault. You’ve held your breath, you just wanna get out, and now you open the door and you have to explain, ‘Oh! Listen, there’s an odor in there and I didn’t do it. It’s bad.”
― Ellen DeGeneresMy Point… And I Do Have One

Great theme this week Ailsa.  I spent Saturday walking around trying to play the tourist again.  I will be honest, most of the scents I have encountered here I can not in any measure capture in words let alone in photo.  So today I will leave you with the positive fragrances.  Think scented candles, fresh vegetables and yes, even some stinky feet. Ok maybe the feet aren’t stinky but i loved this picture.  Fragrant or not, I will let you guess.  I hope you enjoy.

17 thoughts on “Smells, smells everywhere.

          • We haven’t decided anything yet. We were thinking of staying put but the pollution has been bad so now looking at options. Hoping this is not an indication of winter. The past week has been horrible with the highest level hitting 590! I am just going to write a post about it now.

            • I got a mask last year and my co-workers laughed at me. I wore it at recess one day and one of the kids asked me if I was a NINJA. I nearly fell over laughing. But jokes aside it is bad and more and more people have masks now. What is sader they are adjusting the scale supposedly saying before the scale was too harsh. Now it will appear the levels are acceptable when they are not. I hope that doesn’t happen.

            • Horrible. I was watching the news and there was a place in China that you could not see the car in front of you and it wasn’t foggy. So crazy. Even with my protection I still lose my voice. Here it’s mostly dust. Good luck with that. let me know when you are traveling this way.

            • Hey… yes pollution was bad, but more in the North, so unusual or the new normal for us???
              We looked at CNY travel plans and sorry to say Nepal wasn’t cheap. Most flights have been so expensive to anywhere since the pollution was bad. Our travel agent found us a 5 day holiday to the Philippeans. At least it will be an escape. We may stay 1 more year, so we possibly may head your way before we leave Asia. Thanks for the offer… sorry it didn’t work out.

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