Beginning of a new day

Several New Year’s challenges have inspired me to take some more sunrise and morning shots.  I was on a yoga retreat and was awake before anyone else got up and was lucky enough to get some of these few precious, quiet photos. Some of the photos were even better after people awoke. A few were taken from a short hike to a monestary.  I hope you enjoy.

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21 thoughts on “Beginning of a new day

    • It’s random order. If you refresh the page they will appear in a different order. Or you can just click on the one you like. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying.

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  3. beautiful colours… we did the sunrise trek to Angkor Wat when we went over the holidays and were met with pale dull sky. 😦 Was disappointing especailly after a 4:30 AM wake up call, but the temples were worth exploring early before most of the crowds came.

    • That’s too bad.. best view anywhere is on a clear day. I am preparing to go to Thailand for a week then off to Vietnam for about 3 weeks. I’m super excited about it. Too bad you all couldn’t hop over there when I’m there.

      • Yes that is too bad… we are back to work and it is in full swing. By the time you are heading back from holiday we are leaving for Chinese New Year break. We have 5 days away.
        Do you have your visa for Vietnam?

          • You should get a confirmation email that you need to print as proof. Without it the process is longer. CHeck carefully too. My husband’s passport number was beside another man’s name…. very interesting indeed. Made me uncomfortable that the email was sent to numerous people and within it we had to find our names and information… which is now sent to others who all applied.

            • Thanks for the advice. Got the confirmation and the receipt and photos.. so I’m gold.. it is weird that my name is at the bottom of a list of all other names..

            • As long as your name has all the proper info you should be good to go 🙂 You will like Vietnam… it was one of my favourite places to see. I also love their food. Pho (faw) is super! We took a cooking class and it was a lot of fun. They took us to a local market to get all the things too and that was a nice peek into daily life. The people are so nice, the cities chaotic and colourful. All the bikes and motorcycles cram the streets. I would love to go back. Did I tell you we have decided to stay 1 more year so we are here through June 2015 now not this June as we originally planned.

            • Wow.. brave of you. Has the air quality improved? It’s so strange going back to the U.S. after being overseas for so long. I wish you well and the offer is still open to pop in to Nepal if you get the chance.

            • I replied, but it still shows a day later I haven’t responded so I will reply again. The air has been better with only a day or two of bad air at a time. The week long extreme quality hasn’t happened again. Lets hope it doesn’t do that again. We figured 1 more year since it was an option. After switching grade levels it would make all the work and getting resources together worth it. It would also be helpful and look good on a resume. My husband is also getting some things in the works to sell products back home. It is easier to do here than from the other side of the world. Much cheaper too! Hopefully we can catch up here or Nepal before we leave.

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