Hashes combined

I present to you a follow-up to my On On post as well as an attempt to catch up on all of the weekly challenges I have missed due to over-working, power-outages, exhaustion and pure laziness. I have combined photos from a few of the past hashes I have attended. They will give you a sampling of life outside of the valley as well as hopefully fulfilling the following prompts.  People, Window, Outside and for me I feel like some of these photos really represent the Travel theme:  Possibility.

Many of the photos were taken from the 5th hash of the season and involved hiking up a giant hill to visit a stupa after which we hiked back down and through a brick manufacturing plant.  It was fascinating to see possibly millions of bricks lined up not to mention the fact that all of the people you see in this area don’t just work at this factory but live there as well.  It’s one possibility for living that even after seeing it I could not imagine living it.  Yet seeing it also helped me once again realize that it is possible to be happy and have fun in whatever situation you find yourself no matter how squalid the conditions. I hope you enjoy.

Now the truth and sad side of some of these photos are best represented by the following articles. A short summary though if you don’t want to read them.  There are hundreds of these brick factories around Nepal. Many of the children are illiterate as they do not have any means of formal (or informal) education.  Many are forced into hard labor.  The living conditions are dirty, unhealthy and harsh. There is a possibility of helping these kids.

There are foundations and opportunities to spend time teaching them.  The following articles are touching and have some amazing photos attached. They are worth a look.  Thanks for reading.

Connected to the photos:

Photo Philanthropy – Nepal Brick Factory                                                                                Education for Child Workers in Brick Factories, Nepal                                              Overview of Brick Industry in Kathmandu                                                                         Hard labor in brick factories in Nepal 

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