All it took was ….

When Ailsa posted her travel theme clean this week, my first impulse was to focus on the dirt and grime I’ve been surrounded with lately.  Instead I let her post speak to me and inspire me.

I’ve been traveling for five weeks through Vietnam and Thailand and even Nepal.  Directly after returning home I had guests in my home for two weeks.  I’ve been playing a crazy game of catch up at work, hosting guests and being sick.  Yesterday I spent ten hours at work on a Sunday just to catch up and I did indeed do that.  Today I spent the entire day cleaning my home, rearranging it, organizing my mess and disinfecting the place from sickness.

After cleaning my home I began to feel a bit inspired.  I had a fresh look on my house, my work and now a painting project.  There is a quote about a clean house equating to a clean and uncluttered mind.. to me it means freedom and comfort.  So with this new freedom and inspiration I decided to create an interpretation of my time in Vietnam through paint.

I hope you enjoy.

My representation of Vietnam.

My representation of Vietnam.

Ok.. just two more shots from Pokhara, Nepal.  I was there for one week on a work function and talk about clean air compared to Kathmandu.  Hope you enjoy.

Fewa Lake Pokhara

Fewa Lake Pokhara

View of Himalayas from my hotel door.

View of Himalayas from my hotel door.


10 thoughts on “All it took was ….

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  2. Wow what an amazing painting! I thought it was something you purchased when I first saw it. I thought Awww I wish I saw that when we went to Vietnam… I would have bought that for sure! Thanks for sharing. You are an amazing photographer and painter too!

  3. I also love the painting another one of your hidden secrets. Your black and white photo’s are the ones that truly inspire me to travel and just shoot the camera…

    So my goal is to slow down the travel time to enjoy and take pictures along the journey. Heading to Montana first weekend in June camera in hand.

    • I’ve only been slowing it down over the past couple years. Earlier in my life I would just run through trips, always trying to get to the next spot and not really enjoying where I was at. Don’t get me wrong I am still notorious for that but I’m practicing. I can’t wait to see your photos from Montana. Really excited for you.

  4. Wow those paintings are stunning, especially the dreamy, atmospheric blue lake. What a talent you have. Sorry to hear you have been sick, hope you are fully recovered now.
    I read “the best of travel is to be there, not to travel to say I have been there”

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