Fresh as the Mountain Air – The road to and from Nagarkot

Ailsa’s Challenge this week was to produce a post that embodied Fresh.

This was our goal – Another trip to Nagarkot.  I’ve written about this location in at least 2 past posts so I won’t bother with the details or history of the place.   A group of friends and I have decided that once a month we would escape from the valley hustle, bustle and pollution and partake in some fresh mountain air and wine.  One as good as the other.  The views of the Himalayas from Nagarkot are the most splendid you can find less than one hour from Kathmandu. This was our goal.

Yes, this was our goal.. if you cruise back to my last Nagarkot posts you will see that this is not the view we had.  But we are an optimistic lot and fully expected the best.  Always high hopes.


First however, we had to get there and then after was the return.  It was a long drive.  Over an hour to get there and over two and a half to return.  The roads were a bit hairy, small, torn up and people and cows everywhere.  But we had the dream of seeing those glorious mountains… AND fresh, clean air.

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As I’m guessing you can imagine, our view was not majestic.  It was beautiful in its own way, but definitely not like the photos.  It was fresh though and perfect for what we had in mine.

Even though we didn’t get to see amazing mountain vistas.  We did get to enjoy the fresh mountain air. Despite the rainy skies (it is monsoon season by the way) we still had a fantastic time.  It’s always fresh and fun with a good group of people.  Thanks guys.

Some views of our walk in the area.  I hope you enjoy.

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8 thoughts on “Fresh as the Mountain Air – The road to and from Nagarkot

    • They are terrible all the time. Even at the gate of the hotel. Terribly maintained, cows, people, then ruts and drop offs.. but well worth it in the end. Thanks for stopping by.

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