Ultimate Place to Relax – Spokane

Ok a break from my travels and a reminder of where I really come from… Just so you know.. NONE of the photos or videos are my own.

I haven’t posted anything about my hometown in quite awhile and today someone asked me about where I am from because I am considering buying a house back there.  As I researched places to show this family, I once again fell in love with my favorite place to go and relax.  So here you go.. just some info to give you a bit of insight about me and where I am from.  I hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Jakesprinter for this theme from March 17.

Just so ya know…. My home town — the people, the sights, the creativity.. stop in a spell and just enjoy it.

Voted one of the top 100 places to live — BEST PLACE TO LAUNCH/LIVE

SPOKANE, WA – just some facts. 

spo skybridge

spo raging river

I once bought dinner for a family of 5 and my own family of 3 for under $18 USD.. yeah.. watch for wonder #1….so true

spo sky shot downtown

spo snow

spo colors bridge

spo close up arial downtown

Spo river imax

spo downtown

spo airial downtown

spo bridge

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8 thoughts on “Ultimate Place to Relax – Spokane

  1. This post is difficult, I could
    not get most of the pictures to come up. I loved the Spokane song “Come on Everybody”… I had never herd that before. I am going to try and find it so I can repost the song on my wall on Facebook. Keep blogging. I hope you find a home here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest I would love to be your neighbor.

  2. I had problems with loading the photos, too, sadly. Jake hasn’t been around for a while so it was a surprise to get the pingback. Thanks a lot 🙂 I hope it all works out for you if you do make the move.

  3. I couldn’t load the pictures, either, and I really want to see them. My son is getting ready to be re-stationed at Fairchild AFB, which isn’t too far, I believe. I’ll be visiting Spokane sometime in the future, so appreciate any insight on what to see and do in this city.

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