Closing in

All of the following flowers were actually smaller than the tip of my pinkie.  Pretty amazing eh.

Blossoms and Close up : Where’s my backpack

  1. Leya
  2.  A New Day: Living Life Almost Gracefully
  3. Travel Theme: Close-Up | Edge of the Forest
  4. Tomboy Travels
  5. Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Blossoms | Travel Monkey
  6. Travel Theme: Blossom | Never Nothing Going On
  7.  Travel Theme: Blossom | Paths Unwritten
  8. Good vibrations | Le Drake Noir
  9. Apple Blossom Time | Tish Farrell
  10. Travel theme: Blossom | Sweet as a Picture
  11. Travel Theme: Close-Up | Hamburg und Mee(h)r

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