Back to Street Art.. Istanbul

This post will not be a surprise to many who know me.  Street art is one of my obsessions as anyone who has followed me for any length of time already knows. The following are past examples:  Taking it to the StreetsWeekly Photo Challenge: Unique Walls – a combined obsessionTaking it to the Streets – Peruvian Style Street ArtAddiction – Taking art to the street.  To mention a few.

This week while traveling through Istanbul I ran into probably the city most packed with interesting, and beautiful in some instances, examples of street art.  There also happened to be a Street Art Exhibit going on while I was there.  I hope you enjoy

Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul Turkey

“Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing. And even if you don’t come up with a picture to cure world poverty you can make someone smile while they’re having a piss.”
― BanksyBanging Your Head Against a Brick Wall

“I spray the sky fast. Eyes ahead and behind. Looking for cops. Looking for anyone I don’t want to be here. Paint sails and the things that kick in my head scream from can to brick. See this, see this. See me emptied onto a wall.”
― Cath CrowleyGraffiti Moon

“Graffiti is an impulse to get recognized”
― Mint&Serf


“I was here but now I’m gone
I left my name to carry on
Those who liked me
Liked me well
Those who didn’t can go to hell'”
-The bathroom wall” 
 E.M. Crane, Skin Deep

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21 thoughts on “Back to Street Art.. Istanbul

  1. You’ve got an amazing collection of street art here. Wouldn’t it be interesting to talk with some of the artistis who painted these mural pics to see what motivated them, what they are trying to express to the world….

  2. Hi, Terryb gave me the link to the post – super happy she did it. I knew about this exhibition, but could not go – thank you so much for this review. How was it organized – there were some photos of street art and some original works?

    • We just happened to pass by it and went in. I’m not sure if the art that was on the street was because of the exhibition or if Istanbul is ALWAYS this colorful. The exhibit was actually fairly small. There were about 3 floors, some presented photos from the 70s-80s, while other rooms had areas set up full of interesting graffiti staged areas. There was one section that had 3 foot high tenements also very cool, then they also had a frame of a bus on one wall .. well you can see the photos. It was well worth the stop. So was the modern art building.

  3. Thanks for stopping by. This post is a wonderful collection of graffiti/street art. I photograph at least one example of street art in every city I travel to. It’s as much reflective of that city as many of the sites to be found there.

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