I had the pleasure of visiting the Chitwan elephant breeding center a couple of months ago and was reminded of how much elephants can produce feelings of love and warmth in me.

A couple of interesting facts about elephants are:

Elephants have the longest pregnancy of all animals at 22 months.  Elephants cry, play,and laugh.  Apparently they also communicate by purring.  Elephants mourn their losses by touching the skulls and tusks with their trunks and feet and will pause and stay silent for several minutes when they pas the place their loved one has died.  Elephants hug with their trunks.  Elephants are sensitive and caring animals and when their young cry or express pain, other elephants will touch and caress it.  They express grief, compassion, self-awareness as well.

It is true that this center also made me a little sad because I don’t feel that elephants are meant to be chained up.  Even though the care-givers swore that these elephants were only chained up for a couple of hours a day, I still felt sad for them.

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10 thoughts on “Warmth

    • It was very sad to see the elephants chained. One elephant in particular had both front feet chained and when we asked why they said he had been a bad elephant. It’s hard to say what happened. It just felt wrong.

  1. I think I would feel the same — just as I do when visiting zoos. While conservation efforts are admirable, the training tactics seem questionable, and one just has to wonder if there can’t be a kinder, gentler way. They are such beautiful, intelligent creatures.

      • It is a beautiful place from the pictures I noticed that others were sad about the chains it is just a protection for the Elephants Thank you

        • I agree in part, but one elephant in particular was chained by both feet, could not move more than one step and was clearly upset. When asked why he was chained so severely they said “oh, he was bad.” I just think that there was no water in there, it was hot and they looked miserable. That would make anyone bad.

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