Himalayan Flight through iPhone Lens

I finally had a chance to take the Buddha Air flight over the Himalayans.  I’m not positive but I think my iPhone might have taken the best air photos.  I hope you enjoy.


11 thoughts on “Himalayan Flight through iPhone Lens

      • We only have a few months left too, but busy planning for jobs back home. We haven’t had a lot of travel this year with me sick… shame, but we need to get everything in place for the next step. Enjoy your last few months.

          • I have had lots of sinus things from the pollution… not fun. I did have a bigger problem that took weeks to figure out what was going on. I had minor surgery and went back to work 2 weeks after. That was tough since I was SO tired all the time. At least the pain and problem was gone.
            We grew up not far from Toronto. Since we didn’t get to visit you in Nepal maybe we can meet there. I will keep you posted since we may end up moving to Western Canada this summer.

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