Not so Subtle the Environment

Well, hello!! I have been trying to write this blog now for quite some time.  Each time I try I get distracted by one of the 270 aftershocks we have had since the initial 7.8 earthquake on April 26, During what appeared to be a quiet time we had either a new quake or a very large after shock of 7.4.

Updates on Quakes in Nepal

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 6.36.10 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 6.36.58 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 6.13.51 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-14 at 6.40.07 AM

It has been a devastating time for Nepal and many are without safe homes to go to and are sleeping in fields outside their house in tent cities that have popped up all over.

IMG_0467_1024 11193305_10152932187703282_5392505358875830580_n

The damage is real and it is seen nearly everywhere.

And yet the damage is not nearly as bad as had been predicted for the past 10 years so that is the good news.  The prediction was that the airport would shut down, several areas of the valley would collapse and and close to 100,000 would be lost during the first few days. The good news is definitely good and everyone is thankful for that.  The airport has been open and running quite nicely, many restaurants are back open and the stores have not been depleted as of yet. Crazy as it seems, within two days of the earthquake, there were actually people back out in the tourist area shopping.  I know this is not what was shown on the news but it really was like that!

The bad news is that, even though the numbers are lower and the destruction is less, there are thousands left to live outside, trying to get tents, tarps, hand sanitizers, and general goods.  Many schools are still not open and many kids are still sleeping under tarps and in tents outside of their home.  The other bad news is that the rains are coming and what was made weak by the earthquake will only become weaker.  The following video is what appears to be a “controlled” release of water from a landslide.  The military went through the city to evacuate it but as you can see, many stayed to watch what would happen.  It’s a bit shocking.

When the monsoon hits full force, I am not convinced any of the flooding will be controlled. My plan had been to upload and present other photos I have taken at various times since the initial quake, but I have just not had the time nor the motivation to do so.  Well, and my internet has been very intermittent.  To say the least.  As the time passes and the aftershocks become less and it slows down just a bit at work.  I will present other photos. Hello, Mother Nature.. there is nothing subtle about you.

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15 thoughts on “Not so Subtle the Environment

  1. So very good to see this post, and that you are ok. I have thought about you since the quake in April. Is there any particular charity that you see there in action? I have made a donation to International Medical Corp, as they seem to be in there actively helping. If there is another that you are aware of, I would like to continue to help as possible. Stay safe!

    • Thanks much. It’s fine here for me. The sad thing right now is that there are so many organizations that are really corrupt and not helping where it is needed. I would say the biggest issues here is needing things like hand sanitizers, rain gear, dried food, tarps, sleeping bags, tents. Anything that will get people through the monsoon.. also the poor kids who are not getting into school now. I would say any place you think you can trust people to deliver needed goods. Like in all emergencies.. some people are taking things in prep of another earthquake or disaster..while others have nothing. some are stockpiling. I am planning on posting some of the other little things i’ve noticed since the quake.. like i said.. sooo busy. Thanks again for checking in.

  2. You are so right about Mother Nature. Your photos are awesome and heartbreaking. So sad for the people of Nepal.

    • I can’t actually recommend any organizations. However, if you know of someone coming this way or a group that you can trust, there is a desperate need for blankets, rain gear, tents, tarps etc. Many of the schools are closed and so not sure how to help the kids right now, but they are going to be falling very far behind without some remedy.

    • It has been topsy turvey here. I have to say the most resilient of people.. about 7 days left in Nepal then back to see my own family and then off to Africa.

  3. So glad you are safe and well. It must be devastating to be there, and feel so helpless. Your photos say it all. Thank you for keeping us informed, and take good care of yourself.

    • Thanks for checking in… it’s slowed down just enough to post a few more photos. Amazing how many cracks remain and how many buildings are still standing. Thanks for checking in. Nice to be missed.

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